Looking for a better looking watch. Bigger oled, silver metal body

Hi guys,

I’m playing with my optimus Pro now for a couple of days and I like to play with it so far…

However, my girlfriend thinks it’s an ugly watch, and I must admit, compared to my moto 360 2nd gen, it is… That one has a bigger screen, way smaller bezels, is way thinner and has a silver metal body.

So, I’m looking for a full android watch which looks a bit like my old moto.

The only watch which looks a bit like it the finow x7. I like that design (the silver version) but:

Only 1,39" which I think is way too small
No removable straps which is for me a no go
Really thick bezels around the screen

The Lemfo lem x might be an option because of its big screen. However, its maybe Too big, is really thick with 17mm and is not oled.

I think I’m asking for something that does not exists allready… But I thought, let’s asking around. I will make some compromises, but the optimus Pro is not the watch where I was hoping for in a fashion way.

I’d find a different girl friend.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I will consider…

Agreed . I would bin her also :+1:
New watches on the horizon all the time . Stay tuned



Too funny. My girlfriend was sitting across from me when I read that and then I read it to her. She had a nice laugh.
Not that it would matter too much if she didn’t… But she actually likes the simple style and look of the Optimus pro.

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May be something like that you are looking for… its KW99 WITH MODIFIED FASTTRACK PERIMUM STAINLESS STEEL STRAPS


I think your girlfriend just felt ignored and sees your optimus pro as her rival :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Woww, that’s really look awesome. How’s the watch signal reception without embedded antenna straps?

The reception is much better on my Kospet Optimus Pro with internal antennae than the strap antennae in my Lemfo LEM 7.

Hahaha, could be… Maybe I need to do something with flowers and chocolad?

Not bad! But what about the straps? Removable? I really want to use a brown/camel color leather strip…

Well, @Marcel_Visser, with these Fossil thick brown leather strap, your girlfriend will definitely love the looks of your Optimus Pro again :slight_smile:

“Visser” sounds quite Nederlands… :wink:

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That’s looking nice. I ordered the original brown leather strap for the optimus Pro from Ali express. So, let’s see how that looks…

BTW, you’re correct. Groningen to be exactly! :wink:

Yes reception is good. As before…i did some tweaking .

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Yes…you have to disconnect the antenna wires.

I wonder if you could share your tweaking tricks. Please ? :slight_smile:

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Sound interesting! But what to do with them? And, how can you install new straps on a watch wich has no option for it?

Please note we dont advise disconnecting the antenna’s . You can seriously mess up your watch ( as my son just has ) . To give you a example his watch now only connects to wifi if he stands next to router . However if you think you can do this do so at your own risk . Thanks

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I can also attest to that. I accidentally ripped off one of the straps of my Thor 4 Pro and while I was able to reattach it wifi became practically unusable.

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