Watchface of pujie black and facer

Why we are unable to use pujie black or facer watch faces in full android watches?? Or is there any way we can? Also applicable to watchmaker protected watchface ( for eg:- pardo designs) there is no option of exporting how can we get the file so that we can place those files in clockskin folder to work??

Looks like you have not tested my launcher…


Yes i am using it…from very long time but…my question is how to get the files of protected watchfaces because in watchmaker app some watchfaces are not with export option ?? And also there is no way to download pujie black watchfaces…

I don’t use the export option, I always download the face directly from the creator thread, not from watchmaker…

Creator thread?? Can u provide the link please…one more thing i want to sell my watchface which is inspired from a very permium watch can i do that?? If yes than how?

Interesting… Maybe use band metal as antennas?

There’s forum and web site with designer’s watch face where you can download.
About selling, NO it’s not possible in this forum as everything is for free.

…no no not selling not here i mean on watchmaker ??and yes i hv tried facerepo but …i m not able to download watchface of pujie black i can only download some of watchmakers watchface but sometimes even they force to install through watchmakers app with no export option. How can i get pujie black watchfaces to work on full android watches.?? Did u tried these on ur app? Sry for asking so many questions at ounce…:sweat_smile:

What do u mean?..

Sorry I replied on wrong post.
My question is about remove original band from AllCall. Do you use metal band as antennas? Thanks

Yes…metal…straps can be used as antenna.

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We discussed that a while ago…

Seen that…seems like trick is not working or i tried on few watchfaces on facerepo endedup with access denied issue