Want to know the difference between Optimus and Optimus Pro

Hi everyone,
I want to buy Kospet Optimus smartwatch, not the PRO version.
So I wanted to know what difference is there in terms of specs between the Optimus and Optimus Pro apart from ram and storage.

Also am I correct to assume that everything that can be flashed on Optimus Pro (Firmware, TWRP and maybe custom roms in future) can also be flashed on the Optimus?


The only assumption I can make is that the PRO may be faster because of decreased data fetch time due to a larger RAM.

I won’t be installing many apps on the watch, just 2-3 utility apps. So I guess ram wont be a problem for me.
Optimus is $115 while PRO is $145 so there’s a big difference.

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when you buy Optimus you probably wont be able to use google assistant as it has too little ram

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pro version with google assistant is extremely useful and convenient
not to mention the fluidity of the OS which is why most opt for android OS vs wear OS

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@fuuz @Mark2 Alright thanks for the input, I made up my mind and ordered the Pro version since everyone seems to like it so much.
Btw are you both on firmware v2.5 or v2.7?

i use 2.6 as I found it to suit my watch best ie battery life. people have reported differently on which one FW is best for them. I guess you’ll just have to test and see.
I also use TWRP that was posted a few days ago together with Amplify and Universal GMS doze. I highly recommend those 2 mods.
the battery life is pretty good


Mmm, makes sense. Did you try greenify yet?