Problem zeblaze thor dual gps

hi i bought recently a zeblaze thor dual a great smart Watch but now i noticed she has a problem with gps it takes a long time to fix a gps or to keep it i have the lastet version of the software on its .
so pratctically google maps or others are unusable and yet i have a lemfo lem 8 using the same tehnologie gps/glonass like zeblaze dual and it working perfectly .
so i was wondering if you have also tested the gps on the dual one and also if you have any problem like mine thanks for the answers in advance

i dont have a zeblaze but other android watch same chipset and software try to do a gps reset every 2-3 days sometimes its searching for sattelites from 2-3 days ago that arent there anymore

gps rest or gps toolbox on play store

change your settings in gps to device only

might do the job

yeah, use gps toolbox and choose “download” . then it will update the AGPS almanac

thanks i’l try this solution i hope it gonna be ok

Hi . Did this fix your problem . Thanks