My android world is has awakened Lemfo LEMT

Join the real world of smart watches. This will blow your mind :slight_smile:

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Looks good but Lem4 Pro may have been the proper size. With this big a screen wouldn’t it interfere with extension of the wrist unless it is worn high up on the arm?

I would not think so. Not too much of a size difference just better use of the physical size of the watch to fit bigger screen. In reality it will only be a 2.5" screen diagonally( The chinese always exaggerate ) . One thing I despise about this new one is non removable bands because its a back ward step for me. Also they majorly screwed up with the speaker being under the watch which has been proven to be the worst possible place for one on a watch. Almost a deal breaker for some. For me a deal breaker.

Non removable band is a total no go.

Had a Finow X3 plus and the band cracked after a while among other things and that was the end of that.

doesn’t interfere at all as the back of the watch curves alot. This watch is simply incredible. plays gameloft games at max settings perfectly. an app that is a must is Fluid Navigation Gestures pro apk. You can make it have a similar (back, home, and recent app) buttons a normal android phone would have. As well as adding a pull down status bar, pull down volume, and other cool things.

Hows is the phone call signal strength and sound quality?