General Questions For Iphone Users

I tried to find out exact answers to my questions but I was unlucky. So may be this topic will help all iphone users ho are keen to buy a smartwatch else from apple watch.

I have been looking for a kinda affordable sw for a long time but when you are a iphone user it is hard to find right one easily. As I understand full android smartwatches are kinda standalone devices but some people like me are wishing to use smartwatches not as a substitution but more like supplement accessory. So everything shows us that apple watch is best option but for me it is kinda expensive. But before than its price my main motivation to have sw is possibility of using various analog watch faces. Imagine having a magical watch that looks great whatever you wear today. All you have to do is finding ideal face for your outfit. So that at least for me a watch should be round not square. That is why ı do not like apple watch.

But also while having a great device on your wrist you may hope to get more than using different faces. you are wearing a complete computer eventually. Wouldn’t it be great to see notifications off twitter, instgram or whatsapp messages or calender reminders etc. Even incoming calls or controlling apps like spotify. But when you have iphone things ger complicated easily. So I contacted many sellers, manufacturers and read or watch many reviews, forums and get even more confused. Is it possible for me to use a non apple smart watch which works well with my iphone? I am still not sure maybe you good people help me?

So what I am looking for? What are my expectations?

  • A round smart watch which I can use with many analog watch faces (seems that full android wathces steps ahead)
  • To be notified of whatsapp messages (it would be even gret if I may reply them),
  • Getting Twitter and Instagram notifications,
  • Controlling spotify which is installed on my phone,
  • Getting Calendar reminders
  • Seeing and responding (at least rejecting) incoming calls with caller id (phonebook record name)

I know that most of full android watches have sim card slot but i will not use if with sim if buy one. So wifi is an option, in this case all ı may do to share my iphone’s internet to connect watch but this will drain both devices battery. So Bluetooth is the best option. I get an impression that I need a 3rd party app but most of them do not work stable and not in app store.

Long story short I want to use round multi faced smart watch with bt connection to my iphone hoping to have notifications listed above;
What should I bought?

First of all- an android mobile phone?:innocent:

I don’t have any iphone for testing at the moment. But I’ve tested the app "tablet messager " on the smartwatch. It’s using WhatsApp web to push your whatsap messages from your iphone to your watch. It works, but you need a Bluetooth or a Wlan data connection. Bluetooth data connection between the Iphone and the watch doesn’t worked well for me, a WLAN Hotspot will drain your battery.
I don’t tested much more, so I can’t tell anything about twitter, Instagram or spotyfy. I’m quite sure that there’s no way to get calender Infos or phonecall Infos to your watch, because IOS is quite restrictive.

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Apart from the last 6 months i have had iphones . I have now got a android phone . Tethering iphones to these watches is pretty useless in my opinion . Far too many restrictions by apple . I can guarantee you will be dissapointed . Even when using the wiiwatch II app most of the features are missing . However all of these watches are great fun on there own :grin:

Why not try one and see how you feel . If you want the ultimate tethered watch with a iphone , buy a apple watch . I have tested three :+1:

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Right know android is not a good option for me maybe later with another set of devices. I have ipad and macbook too and also using a imac at office. So when you have more than one apple products they work quite well with a harmony.

Sorry for my bad english I am at camp and limited time to get connected so ı write in hurry.

Seems that there is no option for me to use non apple sw with apple. So having a full android sw is not so much practical. Yesi full android watches have an option to get massive amount of different dials. Maybe like you said I may get one and just enjoy various faces. Or maybe I may get simplier one.

Today I was checking aliexpress and see a model Diggro DI03 plus. It looks good and seems I may use with various faces. I know this is full android watch forum but maybe you people help me with some advices about android or non android smart watches (by the way ı am not sure which platform do these aliexpress smart watches are using)

And to have glance look of my taste about watch stye; I was almost buying a Lemfo Lem 6 (because seller said it has multiple watch faces) but I think it has too sporty look, but this diggro DI03 looks fine and elegant in my opinion. Thank you already.

If you have enough cash go for a android 7.1 round watch . So much better .

Not sure yet, Isn’t it a good option to have 5,1 for beginning? I was hoping to update watche’s stock os.

If i had the money i personally wouldnt .
5.1 is old and battery consuming
Its upto you . Enjoy

the application companion Wiiwatch works pretty decent you will get all the notification,reject calls and no more if this its what are looking for,switch to android, watchdroid much better.

If you want a smartphone that you can use with 3rd party devices then an iPhone is the wrong phone for you.

Apple puts in a fair amount of effort to make sure their hardware only works correctly with their hardware.

Back when I had a Pebble I used to see so many posts from iPhone users complaining that Pebble was ignoring their requests to add features that Android already had. None of them seemed to realise that Apple was deliberately making it impossible.

If you want to use an iPhone then that’s your choice, but you shouldn’t expect it to work properly with non Apple hardware/software.

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Thank you for your advice. I am keen to amazfit stratos pace 2 (looks fine) is it full android too?

No, it isn’t. Please, start to use google. If you don’t find an answer, you might ask…

Sure you are right, as I mentioned before I have set uf apple devices eventually and at least for next couple of years it look I am sticked to apple. In fact if the apple watch should be round I would buy it but I want to use a round watch with multiple faces. That is my core motivation.

Honestly triying to aswer messages via tiny smartwatch screen while your phone is in your pocket or trying to watch videos etc is not quiete sensible for me. So I bought a sw for multiple analog faces and some simple notifications are enough for me to make sure I did not miss any urgent occasion. That’s all.

The Amazfit Pace and Stratos run a very cut down and customised version of Android 5.

Due to this and the type of CPU they use, app support is extremely limited. You can install watch droid so that helps. But most Android apps wont work, and as it is not full Android it is not supported on this forum.

If you do a google search you will find forums for Amazfit devices on XDA and reddit that would be the preferred place for asking further questions about the Pace and Stratos.

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Oh sorry to bother you with my unrelated questions, in fact I already do some google searches and find out amazfits have sharpened android 5,1 version. And that was my pity to think here is the right places to ask if they might be categorized as full android or not.
And you people are extremly kind to remind me that they are not and did not let me get even fooler with asking more detailed questions about unrelated products at unrelated forum. Sorry again taking your precious time. I still am not close to come to a conclusion but I am not sure if I may ask some more questions here. Can I ask more detailed questions about certain full android watches to learn about you more experienced people’s thoughts or ask for model advices or should I make search at google to find out aswers about my specific questions? Coreect me if I am wrong but do forums exist fot this or not? Because honestly I am not an experienced forum user.

Of course it’s ok to ask questions in this forum. However, I react a little annoyed to questions that you can answer without any problems yourself. The question to which I referred was, in my opinion, part of it. The fact that there are many experienced users here in this forum should not lead one to replace thought with questions.

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I’m sorry if my response came as harsh, I did not intend it to be.

I have noticed in the past that the mods prefer to keep the forums as focused on full Android watches as much as possible. But I think it is worth having a bit of discussion about related devices so that people can be more informed about the available options.

As for forum advice, when posting a question on a forum it’s a good idea to first google your question (if you haven’t already) and then use the search function on the forum to check if your question has already been discussed.

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No, no it is okay you to remind me forum rules and habits. My intention at mentioning amazfits was at least learn your ideas. At the other hand my google searches was kinda limited cause I am at vacation and all I have is mobile internet and service at this lovely shore town is not quite well.