Desperately Seeking these clock_skin

Please if anyone has these clock_skin please post a link.

As seen on

mm robot smt zoltan batman cube

I have this one, however they are custom ordered and mine has my name in the top logo. The one pictured above was made for Mr. Ticks

The fourth one pictured I downloaded from this site.

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found some of them quite easily by searching:

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Do you have a catalog of your work? I’d like to see more

It is not his work. He just linked to a few faces that you could find in this forum- by using the search function…


@Edward There are a couple of very good Mickey Mouse watch faces already on this site…as @G1NT0N1C said…just type in what you looking for on the search function and you’ll find just about anything your after.

@Jonathan_Bickel Hi mate, I like that “Vegas cowgirl” theme face. You say they are custom ordered? Where would you order them from? Cheers, Doons

The original was made by @Andrew_Davis



Yes I know about the search, thank you. but Ithe lionks are broken. I was hoping someone would re-share them.

@Edward Here are 2 links. The first is to the “Zoltan” fortune telling face and the 2nd is to a Mickey Mouse face…both on this forum and both found in minutes by using the search feature. Zoltan face …& …Mickey Mouse face Cheers, Doons

P.S. There are also other Mickey Mouse faces available on this forum…I know because I have downloaded 2 different versions myself. Doons


ty going to create my own