Automatically switch between 2g and 4g

God’s evening to everyone,
Sorry if this topic has just been discussed before. I tried searching but found nothing.
Anyway, I’m searching for an app or service that can automatically switch cellular network when screen in on or off. In particular, I’d like to set to 2g network when screen is off and to 4g network when screen is unlocked.
Tried tasker but could not get it working (seems it cannot manage network on Optimus pro). I have no ideas on how to root the smartwatch. Any other chance? Maybe some guide for rooting?


I can help you root the watch :slight_smile:, however, I don’t know any software that does the 2g to 4g switching, so you’re on your own there, at least for now.

Do you have a windows machine?


Yes of course I do. I have an old windows machine that I used to flash latest firmware to the watch.
I know there’s an exposed module called intelli3g that can automatically switch between network modes. Even tasker can perform this action.
Both require root.
Thank you for helping!