WatchFace Designer v0.7.0 is released This time I had no 0.0.x versions,

WatchFace Designer v0.7.0 is released

This time I had no 0.0.x versions, and jumped straight to 0.7.0 from 0.6.0. That’s because this is not a bug fix release, but new functionality is added, of which the most important is Hand Layers. Hand Layers allows the user to create vertically symmetric shapes composed by either straight or curved segments. And that’s how the majority of watch hands are made, hence the name.

So, the complete release log. What’s new on 0.7?

  • Added Preview with user-selected date/time
  • Added Preview Export with user-selected date/time
  • Added new Layer type: Hand Layer:
    Useful to create vertically symmetric shapes, as regularly used by watch hands
  • Added warning when opening watchface .xml with missing fonts

As always, the updated download link is in the forums:

And here’s a video showing the new functionalities:

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Great work Marco!

Great job @Marco_Ferreira , every single release of WFD is a joyful moment for me. Thank you so much for your commitment to make WFD a robust and complete design software.

@Marco_Ferreira It is “Just In Time” solution :slight_smile: I am working now on a Vouitilainen GMT watch which I want to make using only WFD… and today I am going to make hands. So - I will test your solution.

Nice! Thanks!

Will give it a go tonight, I only have a problem with tachymeter ,it can only go to 200 (scalesize) and no more, I think its only compatible with watch faces 400X400. Mine these days are 512X512 & bigger. Thanks for this program.

@Tiaan_Kotze Thanks for the bug report. I’ll look into it. Expect a bugfix release today.

I use mac osx and in the software I only one the curve layer as photo could solve this bug because in my case so it is useless
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Domenico_Nicotra there is only one curve per segment. If you want more curves/segments, just increase the “number of segments” property. Don’t forget to also change the points X or Y coordinate, or you could be trying to make a curve from a point to itself.

ok ok I saw “section number” but I did not know what to serve to forgive me for my distraction

ok ok I saw “section number” but I did not know what to serve forgive me for my distraction

You are a genius at creating all the necessary parts to your watchmaking program. I am lucky to just be able to make a watchface. With out you I would only have stock faces on my LEM5 but I now have made a couple of my own. Thank you for your time & effort in creating the program. I am afraid of PayPal but if I ever figure it out I will be sending you Beer money for sure.

@Jim_Marks So - it’s time to share these watch faces! Show them to us!

Greeeetiiings (oh, wait… thats @SmartWatch_Ticks style. Ok, imagine this in his voice :slight_smile: )
Today I’m announcing that I’ve released a new version (v0.7.1), and while it was supposed to be a bug-fix only release, I added quite a few things. So, try them out…

The new things are:

  • Solved the Tachymeter radius bug (was limited to 200, independently of the watch size)
  • Added the ability to interact with layers with the mouse on the watch image (sorry, no “inside group” yet)
  • Added scrollbars so that the user may select the visible part of the watch (when zoomed)
  • Added Context Menus to Layers, allowing Copy/Paste of Styles and Effects, and enabling/disabling layers

The download link is, as usual, in the forums.

ok, I downloaded this but cant open it. after extracting this i find no executable…do u run this on another program? im lost help

@Dave_Stout from our last conversation I got the idea that you had managed to try WFD… My mistake, then. WatchFace Designer is a Java application, so you need to have Java 8 installed. If you don’t have it already, you can download it from oracle java’s page:
Then, you’ll just have to run the .jar file (usually a double-click is enough). If you have another application associated with .jar files, such as WinRAR for example, then you may have to configure your windows first. There are many sites explaining how to do it step by step. Just google for “how to run jar files in Windows” (or linux/mac/whatever)

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Thnx I’ll try that. Running win 10 so shouldn’t b problem.
And no I didn’t try, I got confused. I thought this was CSM. Sorry. CSM very confusing, I’m hoping urs is more user friendly. I don’t want to learn another program like Adobe aftereffects and PPro. Those took years to master and im still learning them.

Hey Marco! This is a really nice release! Love it, I saw one bug,
in the preview fixed Data, we can’t go over 99 for the Heart rate?
I suggest to put the limit to 999! Cheers!

Oh I forgot! I also noticed in the same window! (Watch preview data) than the last 2 Weathers choices doesn’t show up properly?
if you choose : Night Clear, the preview show: Sunny? and if you choose : Night Cloudy, the preview show: Cloudy! that’s it!

After pulling all my teeth out (lol) I finally got it opened. Now I can design the right way. I’ll report later, I gotta cut the damn grass.
Thnx again
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