Watchawear Questions

I noticed the watchawear link at the top and followed it. I don’t quite get it. Looks like there are tons of nice watch faces but I’m a little confused about how to get them.
Am I supposed to download the app and then I can download the files (.watch) to my watch?
they don’t say anything about full android watch support, only android wear.


The .watch files they offer will only work with universal launcher installed ( which i know you dont like ) . Thanks

Ok. I’m using UL.
so download the app and then I can download the faces.

I’ll be honest . I havent used them for ages . Before you didnt have to but now IF you have to so be it . Give it a try

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Just gave it a try. My goodness. Could spend a fortune in there. Tried a free one and was able to get it installed using clockskin transfer.
nothing too exciting… Alot of complex faces.

Thanks for help.

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