Watch suddenly dead

yesterday I was wearing my watch after charging it, I don’t know if I have done some wrong gesture, but the watch just turned off, or at least the display turned off. I can’t turn it on anymore, neither pressing the button for more than ten seconds, nor putting it under charge again.
I have written to the AliExpress buyer (who should offer a one year warranty according to the description of the product) and also to the Lemfo Facebook Page, but both ask for a video (which I have provided) and give no other assistance than suggesting checking cable and pin connections.

Is there something I can try before sending the watch for repair? How can I claim the right to have my watch repair under warranty?

Thank you

I have had a similar problem on several occasions all due to the flaky nature of the watch/charging plate connection.

The screen goes blank on/or wont reboot because of a flat battery.

Cleaning the contacts on both the watch and charging plate helps and if this is the cause, then a charging icon shouls show up.

Alternately I use a PC to charge it it up. If the PC makes a noise when you plug it in, then the watch is in the on state and you have a good connection.

If there is no noise, try holding in the button for 10 seconds and retry.

Wiggle the watch on the plate a little and if you continue to get noises, your connection is not stable.

Charging from a PC can be slow.

If the above does not work I would reinstall the stock ROM using SP Flash tool and the ROM posted elsewhere on this site.

Finally return to supplier.

Apr 16, 2019 22:24:32 GMT enviro8 said:
If the above does not work I would reinstall the stock ROM using SP Flash tool and the ROM posted elsewhere on this site.

Thank you for your reply. I've checked connections on the charging base and I measure 5V between the first and the last pin. Should I read the same between the pins of the watch? How can I check the pin connection on the watch side? Pins are clean.

And is it possible to flash the rom also with the watch turned off?

To flash the ROM with SP Flash Tool the watch MUST be in the OFF State.

Ok, I wanted to try flashing the rom, but when I insert the usb cable connected to the charging base with the watch on it, windows makes the proper sound of “device connected”, but after a few seconds it makes the sound of “device disconnected”, and keeps going this way. I checked and changed the cable but the behaviour is the same.
How can I check the connections on the watch side? Should I open it?

Also I haven’t find in this site the 1.4 firmware, in the lemfo lem8 section I see until ver 1.3

If you open it and are able to disconnect the battery you can try to leave the battery disconnected for ten minutes and then reconnect the battery and try to charge the watch. If that doesn’t help you can try flashing the watch while the battery is disconnected

Ok thanks. But if I open it I break the warranty right?

yes, it would break the warranty

1p4zi4 AvatarApr 19, 2019 16:52:34 GMT 1p4zi4 said:
Ok thanks. But if I open it I break the warranty right?

I just reviewed your initial post again and have a question. You say it happen after charging it. Do you know for sure that it actually charged? Because it sounds like your battery "possibly" may just be discharged. The easiest way to verify the watch is charging is to use an inline voltmeter. It will show the charge voltage and current and the amount of current the battery received. So it lets you know at a glance if your connection is good and the watch battery is receiving a charge.

This is one is offered on Amazon. Voltmeter

Apr 19, 2019 18:26:52 GMT capt jon said:
You say it happen after charging it.

Actually, no. It happened while I was wearing it, I charged It before, and I know it was charged because of the indicator on the watchface. I mean when I took it from the charging base It was on and charged, but died in my hands, very dramatic :smile:

Did you notice how much charge was on the watch. Even though it had a charging indicator when you disconnected, it may have had only a few % charge and then went flat while you were wearing it.

This has happened to me several time with my LEM8. The connection is a bit flaky and while I think it is charging it is not and when you jiggle the watch to lift it up to remove to wear, the icon shows and you think it is charged. I now always swipe down to confirm the charging icon is showing when I charge it.

In your response you state that when you connect to a PC you get a device connected sound then a devices connected sound. This sounds similar to a bootloop that I got into. Yiur watch is turning on then off. I solve my problem with SP Flash Tool and flashed the stock ROM.

Push the green download key and plug your watch into the PC. It should cycle on then off. In the off state the flash tool should catch it and download the stock rom

Alternately you could plug your watch into your PC before pushing the green download button the wait for the connect sound and then when the disconnect sound is heard immediately push the green download button.

Both ways have worked with me.

Good luck

Hi guys,
eventually I sent the watch back to the seller, it took more than two months but now It is fully working :slight_smile:
I believe they replaced the display, as now it seems to me more sensitive at the edges than before.

Thank you all for your support :slight_smile: