Using OK GOOGLE to make a call from phone contacts

is it possible to use ok google to make a phone call on the optimus pro by saying something like

ok google
call home ( as long as the home phone is listed )

if so how do you set the watch up to make it possible
this is to use with sim card not tethered to a phone

it works as long as i select the phone app and then say ok google but not from the watch time face

plan B :slight_smile:

is there any way of assigning the back button to bring the phone app up from standby ?

i will said yes and maybe you need to root the watch,google is your friend and loook for an application to assign some function, can be long press the back button or home or maybe swipe or gesture,dont remember how the call it.

thanks for replying but i am not willing to root the watch i was just wondering if there was an app that would configure the buttons from standby to the phone app

another observation is since activating ok google it’s taking quite a toll on the battery life

Ok a little more progress

i have found two apps that don’t require Root that will re map the hardware buttons one called button remapper and the other called button mapper.
the better one is button mapper as it will allow you to assign an app ( phone dialer in my case ) to a double press rather than a short or long press which gives a third option for the back button

once button mapper is set up it works from the clock face screen and then i can use ok google to dial the number i desire
but it only works once
once i leave the dialer the app seems to lose it’s permissions and deactivate
i can open the app re activate permissions the app and it works again but once only

i have no idea whats deactivating the permissions which in turn disables the app if anybody could shed some light on this i would be grateful


more progress :slight_smile:

i think i might have solved the issue of only working once but not exactly sure how :frowning:

i found installing a 3rd party phone dialer ( simple dialer apk ) and pointing button mapper to open that app on double press of the back button opens the simple dialer app every time and once open i can then use ok google to dial the desired number
this seems to work but i also changed a few system settings relating to button mapper and phone dialer which seemed where the conflict lies.
i don’t know if just pointing button mapper to the 3rd party dialer app cured the problem or changing the system settings or both but it all seems to work now so i’m going to leave as is

why would i want to do this i hear you ask :slight_smile:
it means i can make as close as i can get to a hands free call by just pressing a button without using a bluetooth device or similar

cheers for watching folkes :slight_smile:

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