UPDATED POST! Firmware for Optimus Pro and Hope - NEW CHOICES ADDED 08/09/2019

Some different versions added up in the original post to give options - including the Optimus Lite 2gb/16gb version

Also - here is a tip for helping people with low speaker volume issue. People who do not have the little pressure relief valve hole on the rear cover of the watch.
I have tested and I am sure that this will help those people who are having low speaker volume issues. As always - YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
It’s actually very simple to do - very carefully remove the rear cover of the watch. Take out the 4 little screws holding it down and VERY gently pry open the case at the rear with a plastic tool or tooth pick. It is a VERY tight fit - so be very careful!!
Gently lift the cover but do not try to pull it away from the watch. It is not necessary.
Then just replace the cover and replace the 4 screws. That’s it :slight_smile:
I have tested this and I can confirm that once the cover is replaced the speaker functions normally.
I guess the seal must be creating a vacuum and it affects the sound. You can try this if you want to.


Thanks for your efforts!

What is your experience with these firmwares? The newer the better? I’m reading bad stuff about firmware 2.7 for the optimus Pro… But is that really true? New options added to new firmware? Or better performance?

Have you noticed any changes to the watch with 2.7? Just asking since there is now change log provided.

I cant see any difference between this two firmware, I updated because wanted the sedentary reminder, but can’t find it even on t 2.7.

Not sure about sedentary reminder…
Is this an alarm of some sort? I must admit - I’ve never looked at it…

Anyway, here’s some good news for all of us.
I managed to get the GPS enabled fitness app and thanks to our good friend @iscle it will install on the watches even if you already have the stock fitness app.

You need to remember that this app is not witelisted so if you are using the square screen mode on your watch, you will need to turn it off so that the app will display properly.

Many brands did not want to include the GPS enabled version because it obviously uses a lot more battery than the standard version.

Download here and just install like any app

I hope this helps :handshake::+1:

PS - I will post this in another area as well so that everyone can see it.
It works on all the watches apart from any that use FunOS or the older Finow watches like the X5 or earlier.


To be honest @Marcel_Visser I don’t notice much difference at all. The newest version (2.7) definitely lasts longer in long standby mode and more languages are added but apart from that - I don’t notice anything else…

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I also fixed some chinglish translations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yes, I’m sorry @iscle
This is true and also important.
Thanks again mate :+1::+1::ok_hand:


Has anyone tested the new gps enabled fitness apps? Seems like myrunningapp is working pretty well. Any good reason to switch to the native apps ?

I just installed it. Now there are two fitness apps.
Version 1.0 and 1.3.
Ill take it out for a spin today and try and compare it to myrunningapp.

I posted this because people asked for the GPS version.
Of course, it cannot replace the existing app because that is a system app.
This why our friend Iscle had to customize it. So that it would install.
The thing about this is that if you have something that is working for you - don’t change it.
If you want the Stock GPS enabled fitness app - then go ahead and give it a try.


I like that. Cool. Thanks!

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Help me out here. I’m having a brand new (a week brand new) Kospet Optimus Pro with 2.7 FW. Why the temperature indicator showing 0 Centigrade (that’s Celcius for you Fahrenheitans) in every skin that has temperature indication? I’m on the new gen UL. Thx b4.

Because you need to set your location first for weather to work. Look at tutorials on our YT channel.


Greetings !

Hello all, i recently received my kospet optimus pro and so far enjoying it as my first ever smartwatch experience. Although i do have a question. The watch came from the manufacturer with firmware version 2.7 pre-installed, but the scaling of the display while in an app is tiny, like i mean not readable. strava, google fit, view ranger, sleep cycle, it doesnt matter which app from the play store i download the scaling is just plain tiny and i cant figure out where in settings im able to bump up the text size. I’ve seen countless YT videos and every persons apps display large (even is square or circle text is readable).

If anyone can help out that would be much appreciated !

Thanks fellow smartwatch tinkerers !!!

go to settings. then more and switch off third party app adapter


Thank you for the info!:slightly_smiling_face:

thank you so much! the look and feel is top notch now!

while i have your expertise near, is there a way to enable tap to wake? rather than pushing the top button.
i figured this would be an excellent feature for pure speed, instead of raise to wake (which works great but comes on at random times when not necessary, to save battery ofcourse) and also to keep top hardware button from over-usage. hope my questions can also serve entire community.

any thoughts?

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No . Sorry . When the watch screen goes to sleep . It will not respond . Thanks

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