trail running

hi all,

as many users i have a love/hate relationship with my kospet.

i absolutely love the hw, the 32gb rom,

but hate how porely everything is integrated.

my main use would it to be as a running watch but couldnt find any apps for gpx tracks,

i would like to have some navigation tools for off road tracks,

i hope someone has a usefull app (is there something like garmins basecamp or some sort?)

my main buying point was that i could double it with my smarthome, wich it does perfect!

and many thanks on all the info on this forum, else it would be a real struggle liking this little machine.

HW is top notch, SW integration is atrocious. comes with the territory hence this forum.
to your question: running use Strava (i switch back and fourth from biking to running before i start) or MyRunningApp or google fit

hiking i use ViewRanger, and plot my waypoints and routes using their web interface first, then start the route on the watch. its by far the best with navigation and offline maps and also has off route (XTE) alarm, it just cant be beat for hardcore off trail / on trail forest bush whacking.