Thor 5 bluetooth battery drain

I’ve had my Thor 5 a week now and I’m mostly happy. My biggest complaint is when bluetooth is on the battery drains in a few hours whether any devices are connected or not. I was able to keep my Thor 4 Pro connected to my phone all day without any problem. With bluetooth off the battery lasts as expected,

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Some searching suggests this a known problem with Android 7 but none of the solutions suggested work for me so far.

Are you sure its the bluetooth ? There are lots of things that can run the battery down in the background . Like -

Certain apps open in background
Google sync on
4g on instead of 3g
Pedometer on all the time
Wifi left on

To name just a few . Yesterday on my thor 4 duel with screen on ALL day with UL and connected to phone via bluetooth i got 11 hours

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I would try doing a factory reset, activate BT but don’t connect to anything, don’t install any apps and then let it sit on a table in standby for half a day to a day.

That should give a good idea if it is anything that you have installed or any settings that you have changed that are causing the issue.

It does sound like BT is draining more than it should.

I don’t have the Thor, but on my Optimus Pro with no apps except watchdroid I lose about 5% over 8hrs with BT off and about 10% over 8hrs with BT on. That’s with the watch sitting on a table overnight.

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According GSAM battery monitor it is bluetooth that consumes the vast majority of the battery when it is on, even when no devices are connected. There isn’t a problem when it’s off.

I tried a factory reset but I didn’t do a clean test. I installed the same apps I had on the Thor 4 Pro with which I didn’t have this problem. But maybe some app is behaving differently now. I’ll try uninstalling them one at a time to see if there’s a difference.

I would disagree that bluetooth is the biggest drain . Let me know how you get on with testing

I think resetting, then adding apps back one at a time is a better testing method.

I had an app that used BT which was setup incorrectly and it was causing high battery drain, even after I removed the app. Sometimes stuff gets left behind after apps are removed.

It’s also helpful to establish a baseline of how much battery the watch uses in standby with nothing installed and no accounts setup.

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Whatever the problem was it seems to have fixed itself, for now at least.

I’m really liking the 5. The memory, the camera, and long standby mode are nice improvements over the 4 pro…

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