Some question, some doubts.. Is this really worth a try?

Hello guys,

I’m really considering a full android smartwatch, as my moto 360 2nd gen running wear os 2.0 is 4 years old now and I like sometime new to play with…

In the first place, I was considering a new wear os watch. My favourite was the Fossil gen 4 as it was looking amazing, but than I saw the specs, reviews and results… Slow, and wearos is looking dead…

So, for me personally, the only alternative is a full android watch. Only “problem” it’s all China stuff. And I’m wondering how good it exactly is…

Because of its specifications and ability to change the strap, I’m considering the kospet optimus (Pro).

Is the Pro version that much better than the non Pro version? I mean, 16gb is enough for me and 2gb ram is more than enough I think? Or will the pro version getting more updates…

What about notifications… That’s the most important thing for me… Receiving notifications from my normal phone. I don’t think I will place a sim card in the watch, so I want to connect my phone using Bluetooth to the watch. How stable is this? Will I receive every notification?

And… Is this the moment to buy one of these watches? Or is it better to wait a few more months… Does anybody know if some great watches will be released soon?

I hope somebody can convince me of buying one of these devices… €150,- is not that expensive, but it is too much for just a gadget that does not what I want…

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Afternoon and welcome . As you will see some of these watches are great and some not so great . I personally would start with the kospet hope 16gb . If you want to start with the optimus pro and spend more it is upto you . Again 16gb is enough . As you are not using a sim and want to tether i would use the older version 9.0 of watch droid . I use it every day and never loses connection . You will recieve all phone notifications on your watch ( and you can reply to some ) . The other good about the hope is the build quality . Its a really nice watch . As for new watches , there are new stuff on the horizon all the time but we have to keep this info quiet until the manufacturers say so for lots of reasons .

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Thanks for your reply!

I will absolutely try watch droid 9 in order to receive my notifications than. Is there a place where I can download this older version?

I just ordered myself an Optimus Pro for €130,- from a guy on the Internet. He wanted to use it for some specific perposes but the screen was too small for him. I asked him about all things that could be wrong with it like overheating, a hole in the back, but he sent me some good pictures and everything seems to be fine. He told me that the watch was working really awesome.

Do you think that the optimus Pro with 3gb and 3wgb is at this moment the best watch you can buy? Personally, I like the design of the hope a bit more, but I had to order it new, and including all taxes and other costs when it have to be shipped to Europe (the Netherlands) it cost me more than €200.

But I really can’t wait to play with this gadget. I’m really curious if it fits all my needs…

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This is a great watch managed right ( like most watches ) . Here is what u need . Dont install wiiwatch 2 and this together . Thanks


I don’t know how the taxes works in the Netherlands, but when I’ve bought watches from aliexpress, gearbest or banggood and got them sent to Norway, they have written a much lower value on the package than the real value and thanks to that I haven’t had to pay either taxes or customs duty.

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In general, EU custom taxes are required to pay for valued packages above, I think, 150 EUR.
To be short, only additionally, when customs is picking out your package… you are more or less screwed. :slight_smile:

Good Morning. Bought the Kingwear KW88 Pro a few weeks back and I am very pleased with it. Considerable upgrade on spec of the KW88 - ie 16gb instead of 4gb, Android 7.0 instead of 5.1, 1gb ram instead of 0.5 etc. Screen is superb quality, watch does nearly everything. I wanted a stand alone phone as I do not have a mobile and this works a treat with O2 sim card and cheap @ 3p minute. Built in camera - not great quality but hey, who cares as I will only be using to snap when I don’t have my main camera - 2MP. Lots of preloaded apps and getting more from Google play store works a treat (some apps don’t work as well as on tablet). As far as price goes, nothing to beat it - I paid £66 and it is, after considerable research on my part, better than anything else for the money!

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