Rolling Stones Watch face with upright logo second hand


Credits: Random GIF and image searches



@Edward Now that is one cool design mate! I only have the standard launcher on my Kospet, so I can’t use it, but I like the design of it. It Just one suggestion. I think it would look more balanced if the wording on the flag was placed differently…Have “The” over the top of the tongue and “Rolling” & “Stones” either under the tongue or each side of it? Or perhaps just drop the “The” all together? But as I said, a nice and quite striking design. Cheers, Doons

If you like it you can try it on your watch without the universal launcher . What will happen is the .gif images wont move ( ie flag ) . Thats what usually happens anyway .

@tim_Collins Thanks for the info Tim. I’ll try it on just to see how it looks…but I know what you mean, I’ve put a few UL faces on my Kospet and sometimes hands are missing, or go backwards, etc. Cheers, Doons


@Edward @tim_Collins I tried this on my Kopspet hope and the flag was gone and the little “Roving Tongue” was gone and yet it still looked quite impressive and the time still functioned correctly. Cheers, Doons

Yes , it sometimes happens ( but not always ) . Its the .gif files that have gone . Never mind eh

Both the flag and the second hand are GIF files or Image Lists. I have the Kospet Hope as well. Yes, the wording didn’t seem right to me either I used several colors and wasn’t Happy. I also removed 300 images from the second hand to try to reduce the size. I will post version #1 for download in a bit.

I learned GIMP Python-fu Scripting to create 360 images used in the second hand. That was a challenge.

@Edward Hi Edward, As I said it looks quite good even without the flag and the moving tongue. But then again, there wouldn’t be many people who wouldn’t recognize that Rolling Stones symbol! I have just started on my first face design using WFD and frankly it is the 2nd worst design I have ever seen in my entire life! (I can tell you what the worst design is because I haven’t made it yet!) But it is interesting, and because I know bugger all about what I am doing, frustrating…but I am gonna be the worst designer on this here forum, or die in the attempt! Cheers Doons

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Keep trying… I learned more about GIMP then I ever thought possible. But I had the time, I was bed bound for a year and on Hospice. They said 4 to 6 months, but then I lived! and here I am!


Version #1




Mick Jagger approves and so do I! Thank you!