REQUEST round watch faces

Greetings !

would this face be possible to create? maybe in multiple colors also? purple, red, blue, green, orange, yellow) preferably with pure back background (where applicable) to save battery yet have the text POP.

thanks in advance.

Who does the original face belong to ? . If you know why not ask the creator .

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@tim_Collins is right. It seems to be an existing watchface. Where do you find it?

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@G1NT0N1C @tim_Collins let’s see…found it!
NightHawk Blue Nightmare by “Black Magic”

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yes! that’s the one, i came across it randomly while searching for “top digital watch faces”

this one is similar as well.

although i feel my dream is now crushed as i just read this

Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator.

unless facer works with android 7.1??? does anyone use this app for faces?

Ok. For a clockskin version the permission of the artist “black magic” is needed.


you can download clockskinmaker, once it downloads and starts, the .exe will create a clockskin folder full of skins. One of them is very similar to the last one you posted. They all work with stock launcher. For expanded functionality skins, you will need to run universal launcher with watchmaker (.watch) files

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much appreciated, i ended up transferring a few skins actually from that folder, including the one similar you mentioned. but i will delve into the .watch files also as the expanded functionality is appealing.

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