Question Rooting Optimus Pro

Is it normal that the Optimus Pro is rooted when buying?
I wanted to install an app for my pro, but it was denied because the pro is rooted.
Can you do something there?


No, it’s not normal that it’s rooted when you buy it. I haven’t encountered an app that didn’t install because of root, but I have encountered an app that wouldn’t open because it thought my watch was rooted. The solution in my case was to change from test-keys to release-keys in the build.prop file. You can try that if you want, but it could also be some other reason in your case.

@noidremained I think he was trying to install a banking app. You will then receive a message that the device is either rooted or has a custom firmware.


Exactly a banking app, wanted to set it up so I can pay with my watch.
Unfortunately, it does not work, because the app says that my phone is rooted.

Can I do something there?

No . Sorry . There is nothing you can do