Question about different Brands

I see there are a number of different brands of full Android watches. I’m guessing there are far fewer manufacturers, but a lot of brands.

Is there consensus among folks on this board about quality of these different brands? Among the brands, e.g., Zeblaze, Kospet, Lemfo, etc are there some that stand out for their build quality or service or support? Is one brand CONSISTENTLY better than the others?

Hi Mark , the support for mostly here ( so its amazing lol ) . There is a huge build quality difference from one to the other . My prefered option is Kopset and Lemfo for build quality . Currently using a thor 4 duel ( all plastic and rubber ) so not my favourite . Thanks

Thanks Tim.

Funny that you mentioned Lemfo. I’m currently going to thru all the reviews I can find on the Lemfo LEM 9. It seems to have more of an edge to edge feel than most others I’ve seen so far. I like what I’m seeing so far…I watched some initial videos where there was some variation in features based off the pre-production models. I’m hoping all that’s been straightened out.

I’m currently very interested in that watch. Just want to dig around a little more to see what I can find out.

If you are impatient like me and order very very earlier you can encounter production problems . Always best waiting a little .
Years back the Finow’s build was always amazing . All steel , but you dont see much of them now

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@Mark_Williams Hi Mark, I’ll put my two cents worth in on the Kospet Hope Lite. I looked around for a good couple of months before finally deciding on a Kospet. My main reasons being that it was very competitive price wise and offered quite a lot of the features of other, higher priced alternatives. I went for the Kodspet Lite because I had read a good number of times that the larger capacity Kospets (3gig and 32 gig) became quite hot when charging or even when a lot of different features were being used. When you consider the rash of “Case cracking” problems, I thought it prudent to go for a smaller size and avoid any possible heat related case problems. Finally the Kospet range has removable straps, which means the antenna for the phone is inside the watch body, and this seemed to be another plus for me. But no doubt many other members have just as high an opinion of other brands…and all for very sound reasons. So it will ultimately come down to your personal preferences in the way of features, affordability, etc. Anyway keep us informed about your final choice and the main reasons you went with a particular brand. All this type of information helps other in making a choice of watch. Cheers, Doons

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Thanks Doonsbury.

So far I haven’t found the “perfect” watch. My guess is that it doesn’t exist. Every model has at least one thing, it seems, you’d like but not everything you’d like.

I will say that Kospet’s name does seem to come up a lot when discussing the best watches. That’s something to consider for sure.