Problem with incoming call in Optimus Pro 3/32

Hello, I have been the owner of Optimus Pro 3/32 for several days. I have a problem with notifying me of an incoming call. The watch simply does not display it ! He only gets info after a missed call. Sms, email and everything else works ok. I use Android 9 on S9 +, interestingly on Android 7 and old Xiomi Redmi Note 4 everything works great. All possible permits are included on S9 +. I will add that I do not use the SIM card only the Bluetooth connection with the phone. If someone could have a similar problem ?

So you have connected to your samsung phone via wiiwatch with ALL notifications turned on ?

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Are you not getting notified in long standby mode? If so this is expected.
If you are in normal Android watch mode then you have to go to display settings and enable the screen to light up on receiving. messages

Yes, all notifications in S9 are included. Exactly, I use Wiiwatch 2. I have so far Kospet Breave and everything worked ok. Strange problem …

I use in normal Android mode. The problem is not the physical highlighting of the screen during an incoming call. the watch does not respond to the connection attempt at all. It does not vibrate and does not convey information about the caller. The screen remains dark. Immediately upon completion of the connection attempt, it receives a notification of the missed call.

Ok, this is strange.
My exact same setup works without problems.
So every notification works apart from incoming calls?

I have the same problem with Kospet Optimus and my phone with Android 9. I tried with Wiiwatch and also with Watch Droid Phone and no phone calls notifications.

Hi Roberto, did you manage the problem with the notification ?

I just want to understand this problem properly.
Are you getting notification of calls in regular watch mode or not?
In long standby mode you will not get notifications of calls.
Can you confirm that your problem is in regular mode and NOT long standby mode?

Yes, of course in the main mode. I know that in eco mode there is no notification. Immediately after the missed call (because I do not know if someone is calling) a notification comes. Sms, email etc. work ok, only with the phone I have a problem. I have uninstalled everything many times, I tried with Wiiwatch and Watch Droid. In the Kospet company forum there are several people with the same problem …

In the Watch Droid phone app you have to add the Phone app(s?) for the notification list.
It’s hidden under the system apps section. Don’t forget to press the accept/save button.

It will be a single notification when a call comes in, it won’t ring like a normal phone. But it’s something.

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Hello, I tried it too. Unfortunately, this has no effect …

Thanks for the tip.
I had to add 3 phone apps to the notification list and missed this earlier because it was indeed hidden under the system apps. Notification works for me for now: incoming calls, running calls and missed calls.