Problem after installation firmware

Hello, today I installed firmware Version 20181217 in lemx and the touchpad does not work after installation. Neither flash on the original version helped. Can you help me, please ?

There is a LEMX firmware with a new touch panel driver. i have to find where it is…

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thx !!! I’ll wait…

[quote] Version 20181217 - new task killer app in “other” settings.

Download here–IicS5hngd9XVSXLcpLY4cE/view?usp=sharing

Updated 20181113 - new screen wake up motion driver - please update!!

Download here

Updated 20181110 - new WiiWatch app scan code included.
Download here

Updated 09/0CT/2018
Many bug fixes and UI improvements for keyboard etc.
Translation app added.

Here is the production release FW for the LEM-X

20180830 download =

Thanks, but none of the above fw has solved my problems, the touch panel is not working properly.

I see you have tried them all - did you choose the Firmware Upgrade option in Flash Tools?
Also make sure that you are using the latest Flash Tool.
I am concerned that if you went back to the original version you had on your LEMX and it still did not work - you may have a screen problem.

I’d like to try some 2019 firmware…

Hello. Yes, I chose the option to upgrade the firmware and the latest version of Flash Tools. I also thought that there might be a screen problem, but it’s interesting that the screen worked properly before the firmware was updated. The watch offers me firmware, but I can’t click “yes”. : -/

There is no firmware that I know of that will fix this problem.
It seems as if the touch panel is not working now.
I have been talking to the manufacturer and they also think that the touch panel is defective.
How old is your LEMX?

September 2018. Original firmware 20180830. Now 20181217. Thank you very much for your effort, I look for some new ones…

There are new ones - but it I don’t think it will help.
Here is one from March this year

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when Lemfo its going to update the feature Always display and the wake up screen back when notification arrive,beside the full brightness display.
i hope that in the feature Lemfo talk you about the new things in the firmware update

I thought a factory reset followed by flashing the firmware that worked and choosing “download only” instead of updrade when flashing would be better. :slight_smile:

The last couple times that I did flash I did format and download and it works for me no problems at all, I just when back to the firmware with the wake up screen for notifications my LemX it’s working properly.
I wish that Lemfo were more customer oriented

Format all plus download wipes all Mac addresses and IMEI number.
The only way you fix this after is to use the SN Writer tool. Unfortunately it is illegal so we can’t post it here.

The best way to upgrade your firmware (as long as you have the correct firmware) is always to select firmware upgrade option.
If you are in any doubt then download only followed by a factory reset is the safest way - as @A_Kinsella said.

The LEMX is about to get a new firmware update but I very much doubt that it will have the always on screen option. The screen is not amoled and uses much more power than amoled so they will not want to do this - I have asked Lemfo many times and unless Wiite can come up with some magic - it ain’t gonna happen.

Eric’s launcher has the option for anyone who wants to use it. He’s put in a lot of work to get this working well.


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Pablo i dont know how many times i did format and download and i still have my MAC Address and IMEI, i know its weird and i know about it , for the Always display on ,the notification wake up screen and the maximum brightness its a option that Lemfo can give to us , i tell the las 2 or 3 updates didn’t do it because its no worth it to me and the battery life of this device is bigger and pretty good.
i know that the universal launcher offer the always on display,but i believe its better on the device kernel because is well optimize.
i just want that Lemfo knows all owners concerns and wishes and you are the only way thanks.
As you know my device is rooted and its a pain in the neck to install everything after every firmware even doing OTA update you have to do factory reset, Why?, but its what its . is good for always screen on with a dim option after selected time.

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