Please update optimus pro firmware

Please make kospet optimus pro update firmware, So that the brightness is always not too dim on always on mode. Thank you


As a general rule I would not expect device manufacturers to look at or even care about the existence of community run forums.

So unfortunately we have no power to effect any change in the firmware of these devices.

I think you would have more luck contacting Kospet through social media channels such as facebook or wechat, if they have an official account.


That’s a good general rule, however, Pablo11 is often in contact with Kospet and the other brands supported here, so I think this is the best place to ask if you want a change in these watches

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For clarifaction we are the official support for kospet and they certainly monitor this forum . So comments are taken on board . And yes Pablo11 is in contact with manufacturers all the time . Have a good weekend

I want my Kospet Optimus Pro to make me a sammich. I hope they see this.:sandwich:

Typical :joy::joy: . …

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@tim_Collins And it has been alleged that you think I am crazy! :woozy_face: Well Tim, I thinks it’s time you took a peek @Louis_Peek (Peek at Peek?!:rofl:) Cause this guy should be confined to the section of the Forum that has rubber walls! :laughing: Cheers, Doons

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