Phone and text voice control

At last I have got my SIM working and I know have a splendid phone on my wrist!

One slight downer is, being 55, my eyes are not what they used to be and the writing is very small. What I need is voice control to enable me to text the wife or ring customers etc.

I have tried the voice search it has on board, but it wasn’t very good. I suspect Google will be fine searching for things, but not writing texts out like Siri can.

Would I do better to use a voice controlled keyboard like Mr Tics ran through on his keyboard video in the Apps thread? Or am I just doing it wrong?

Plus, is there an app that allows contacts searching?

Mar 21, 2018 9:43:54 GMT 1 paulr said:
Plus, is there an app that allows contacts searching?

I use Watch Droid on my I4 Air. The latest version allows you to respond to texts from your phone on the watch using several different methods. The first is a voice response. You just select it a mike pops up on the screen. Once you speak your response it converts it to text and you hit the large send button on the screen and its on its way. Shows you when the text is sent. I'm 73 so I can relate to hard to see small print, but good glasses do wonders.
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Thanks, I see most of these apps are for android phones. I am running an iPhone and have for ages, so swapping to an android phone is going to be a lot of effort. Although if I want the watch to work as it should it may make sense.

You probably already found a remedy for your problem, but I’m new here and just got my Lemfo Lemx. I had an issue trying to use voice texting and tried looking on this forum for help and came across this thread. I found a video on you tube titled “voice control” and it helped me with my problem. Maybe this could help someone else with the same problem.