OTA Update now avalableto V1.5

There is now an OTA update available for the LEM8 to Z29-LEM8-V1.5
To update you need to be connected to the Internet
From the clock, swipe left to APP LIST, select SETTINGS, then swipe down to ABOUT WATCH and select it.
In ABOUT WATCH select Wireless update and follow the on screen instructions.
Your update will download and you will get a message to install.
Install and the watch will restart with the update.
Nothing will be lost in the update
NOTE: If your watch is rooted, it may not update.
If you have TWRP installed you will go into an endless TWRP loop
The solution is to back up everything with TWRP first and save to a PC then flash V1.3 (or V1.4 from my earlier post) and then follow the wireless update path from V1.3 to V1.4 to V1.5.
Then root and/or install TWRP using the modified boot.img (rooted) and recovery.img (TWRP) from my previous posts.
I will extract this update and post it when I get a free moment.