Optimus (Screen On Raising) Not Working

The screen on raising feature was working but after I charged the watch (battery drained to 0%) it no longer works. I have checked the acelerometer is working using the hardware debug menu whilst there I noticed that the G sensor wasn’t showing any values.

  1. Does this watch have a G sensor?
  2. Since the G sensor isn’t reporting any values is this the reason ‘Screen on Raising’ isn’t working?

I have tried a factory reset but didn’t help.


Hi Rob , the factory reset should have sorted this . This probably wont help but install the " universal launcher " from the playstore and see if it works now ? Maybe worth a try ? . If you can let me know . Thanks . Ps - disable " raise " before installing launcher and activate IN launcher


Seems to be working now thanks, by the way do you have a link to additional watch faces downloads?

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All you need you’ll find here…:wink:

No need for factory reset or UL. Just power off . then power on to fix. Not reboot. :slight_smile:

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Can i ask . How did you fix . Thanks


Is there a way to make the screen on raising less sensitive, or make the reaction quicker for wrist?
Lower sensitive could prevent to turn on the screen during even breathing!

Quicker reaction to reduce time to power display on


No you cannot alter settings for this . Thankyou

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