Optimus Pro - Voice recording with screen off

Hi all,
I love to record long form chats. I can’t figure out why I am not able to record properly with the screen off.
Even the Asus zenwatch 2 with wear os was able to do this.

I tried the pre-installed sound recorder. It shuts off as soon as the screen goes off.
I tried High Q Pro, works great with the screen on but with the screen off it becomes garbled and stuttering.
I tried Easy voice recorder as well… with similar results.

Any thoughts?


Is the battery saving is enabled ? Then all apps are shutdown when screen is off…

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Hey Eric, no I checked it all. I’ve tried 6 apps… And then I just try another app that is open sourced and when I turned off the screen while recording and then went back to the app, it gave me a notification saying the mic was turned off and some of the recording was lost.

So I went into settings on the app and noticed an option for recording over BT headphones. So I tried that with the screen off, and it worked flawlessly. This is even better actually, as holding the watch up to talk was always very much annoying.


I thought that recording through Bluetooth, while screen off, saved me, and it is good, but it is quite annoying to not be able to use the built in mic with the screen off.
Has anyone figured this out?
Looks like the mic shuts down with the screen off.