Optimus Pro - Sweat resistance

OK, I just did some searching and didn’t find much specially for the Optimus pro…

Has anyone had any experience with full on sweating while wearing the Pro?

I live in Southern India half the year and sweat like crazy while out running… Which is one of the main reasons for even having this watch. Wear it while running.

It says ip67, so sweat should be no problem. I guess just clean it off after.


I use a pair of ip67 headphones and haven’t had any problem.
Also the last watch was the Asus Zenwatch 2. Also didn’t have problem with sweat or splashes.

I figure the speaker and mic will be main problem points.
Also that little hole (for pressure?)… Definitely curious how that holds up to sweat.

I work in a glass factory. Talk about sweat! Absolutely no problems whatsoever with my Optimus Pro! (Unless a bead of sweat gets onto the display, then it can wig out sometimes LOL!) I just wipe it off with my sweaty shirt!:hot_face:


Nice! Thanks for sharing that. Gives me confidence.

Yes, this is a wonderful question. I also care about the back cover. It’s hot here and I’m sweating a lot. Sometimes I take off and wipe the sweat from the back of the watch. I’m worried that sweat (its salt) will not cover the cover and then the cover itself.

they said ip67, so I act accordingly.
if it dies, it dies. not much more to it, really

Definitely don’t push any buttons while sweating.
I have taken the back cover off and the SIM cover and it looks clear that there is zero protection from water around the HR sensor cutout. Not only that, under he sim cover their is a large cutout out next to the HR sensor that goes directly into the watch.

Not sure how this could be ip67.
There is rubber ring around the main case and main cover and rubber protecting the SIM.
Although, without protection around the HR sensor cutout, it seems sweat would just seep right in there.

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I wash my hands, wash dishes and stuff and (rarely) sweat like a pig wearing the watch, still no problems this far.
if I wanted to worry about getting my watch wet I’d get one of Zeblaze’s fine watches as they at least don’t claim anything regarding waterproofing on their full android watches.
for all I care, an IP67 is an IP67 until proven otherwise :slight_smile: , so I don’t worry and am being happy
Just sayin’