Optimus Pro Screen Saver Deaktivation

Hello, I have the Optimus Pro.
An app recommended me to set up a home screen lock, which I have done and secured with a PIN.
What works very well, how can I edit or disable this lock?
There is no function in the settings via screen lock.
Has the problem already somehow had and solved?
I’ve searched everything, even the Google services it is always there but there is no solution.
Where can I change the Screen Lock setting in the Optimus Pro?
I have already tried it with different apps, but that does not work either.
The lock is always in it.
There has to be another way to get back to the screen lock menu.

Many Thanks

Using “SettingsSearch” application you can reach this menu.

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Is this an App or in Optimus Pro ?

Settings search is no longer available on Playstore . However

Ta Dah -

Install this on your watch


@tim_Collins “Ta Dah” indeed Tim! I’ve wanted to install this on my Kospet and, as you mentioned, it is no longer on Play Store…So may thanks for this copy mate,much appreciated! Cheers, Doons

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Your very welcome . Happy to help mate :+1:

Hi, thank you very much that was what I was looking for.
Stars_****** :+1::+1::+1:
Works perfect.
Finally the right thing for my watch.
Thank you

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No problem at all :+1:

God bless @SmartWatch_Ticks

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Dude, you are sooooooo awesome!

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