Optimus Pro Photography

Pretty amazing the shots I have been able to get with this tiny camera. It’s so nice to have the ability to capture a scene while leaving the phone at home. I would lnt go out “shooting” with this, as I have a Sony A7ii, but for what it is, and its always availableness… It’s pretty great.
Just make sure the lens is clean :slight_smile:

Anyone have some nice shots?

(photos edited using Lightroom for Android)


I’ll see if I can find some good subject material then post it!

@Brandonoouah Quite good images for a watch camera! I have a Kospet lite and I’ll take a few shot to with it to post here. Hey @Louis_Peek if your looking for good subject material, then look no further my friend…I’ll be happy to pose for you mate! (Good Lord, now Louis that was DEFINITELY a joke!:woozy_face::rofl:) Cheers, Doons


OK so here ya’ go. Check out my vanity registration plate LOL!


Nice! Just amazing. I’m very impressed.
It would be great to be able to use one of the physical buttons to take the photo. I wonder if that’s possible some way. Quite difficult tapping that button.

(this last shot, she was walking towards me and didn’t stop. No blur. Crazy)

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Short exposure due to high light level. Just a slight blur in the tree limbs. I read somewhere that it’s a 5 megapixel camera extrapolated to 8 megapixels. I have also noticed that it has a very short depth of field, hence the tree limb blur could be due to focus rather than motion. I wonder if the F stop changes with light level or the exposure time, or both.

My Thor 5 has a front facing camera so it’s even harder to take anything but selfies. So I installed a camera app with a timer - I can press the button, turn the watch around and the picture is taken in 5 seconds. Maybe a timer would be useful to you as well?

I don’t know if this is the best app, it’s just the first one I tried that worked for me.


Wow! So beautiful there!

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No doubt about it! Nice place to test the camera on this watch :ok_hand:

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