Optimus Pro A Day of Use - Battery Results

-6 Hours ago off the charger with 3G on (4g off), GPS, Bluetooth on.
-Downloading/installing Google Fit and then 2.5 hours of tracking with GPS on while walking around.
-Sending and receiving around 20 Whatsapp text, photo and voice messages.
-Using Google maps with GPS for about 10 minutes.
-Listening to music from SD card over Bluetooth headphones for about 30 minutes.
-Taking 6 photos with the camera
-Google assistant voice commands “OK Google” ready but not used.

I have a basic watch face and brightness was at medium, as it is a very sunny day.

People say they get a day or two days, but it seems to me that with normal functionality usage, 6 hours will be just about the max…Although, charging for me half way through the day isn’t a big deal.

I tried Strava for tracking but if I left the Strava screen to mutli task, it would shut down and start over. Google fit tracked the whole time even when I used what’sapp, camera and music. It did take about 4 seconds to load back after multi tasking.

Any suggestions to get a longer use?
Anyone out there using like this with different results?

From the power info, it looks like the screen is using by far the most power at 21%.
Whatsapp is second with 9%
Surprisingly Google Fit was only 6% (maybe it doesn’t include GPS in this?)
Cell standby only 2%. So 3G seems to be hardly using any power.

Seems to be obvious that lowering the brightness will be the biggest help in getting longer use time.

Perhaps I’m missing something??

Regardless of 6 hours use, I’m still impressed. Seems like they’re is definitely progress to be made. Excited for that, for sure.

The charging cradle seems to work great. My last android wear watch was horrible. Always having to fiddle with it to get it to charge. I started charging when I started writing this and it’s already at 29%.

Any tips, tricks for battery life that I may have missed?

Meanwhile, I’ll be daydreaming of a nuclear fusion battery that last forever…and one extra day.


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not very impressive battery life, I must say.
I use my Optimus differently, mainly spotify a couple of phone calls, maybe a youtube video or two (or a podcast or whatever on youtube with screen off using a modded youtube app on the way to work) and in the end of day I’m still left with ca 20% .
I don’t switch to 3G as it doesn’t seem to make any difference.
the blue tooth drains way too much of the battery on my watch (sometimes as much or slightly less than the screen does, witch really sucks.
Optimus Pro doesnt have a great battery backup at all IMHO.
My Thor 4 Dual seems to last as long as Optimus Pro does, and it has a significantly smaller battery. Kospet may have been using some kind of low quality batteries or the firmware isn’t fully optimized yet. Whichever it may be, 800 mah battery is huge and a longer battery life should be expected
If one could take the Thor 4 Dual electronics, put it in the Optimus Pro casing with a newer Bluetooth and a big high quality battery, we would have a nearly perfect watch :slight_smile:


my measurement can’t paste (.jpg) how to? (image is disabled)

How many hours would you say you are actually using the watch? Seems like I could get through day if I did only those few things you mentioned. I guess we’d have to decide how long a day is though. Mine is usually 16 hours and I highly doubt I could get through that using the watch instead of my phone. Not a chance. I think it’ll happen one day.
I agree though, seems like 800mah could go for much longer. MI max 3 has 5500mah with 13 hour screen on time. That’s 6.9 screen and faster everything. 1/7 the battery approximately, should be able to get almost 2 hours screen on time. For sure we are not getting that now. I would guess that today, during that 6 hours, the screen was on 20 minutes or so.

When people say they get all day, I’m truly curious what they mean. I’m definitely not interested in only using the Optimus for telling the time.
Has to have SIM card connected, Whatapp working, and music, and possible GPS for a bit.
If I can use these features for a whole day, I’d be stoked.
At the moment I plan to really only use the watch for max a few hours at a time when I go for a walk, bicycle ride, run or out at night and want to leave my phone.

Yes, based on power usage stats, looks like cell standby is very low. 3%
Bluetooth was 7%.
It does seem like the screen tech or calibration etc… Could play a big role in longer screen on time.
Seems a bit off balance.

Yea man I hear you. All day battery while replacing basically replacing phone is what I hope for one day. Still I can’t even believe we made it this far so quickly.
This photo from Twitter today… 9 years of progress

I guess, next I’ll be looking for ip68, better battery tech, and further software development on the OS and hardware integration.

For now I’ll be using this nice smartwatch everyday :blush:


10 -12 h a day I would say. 1-2 SOT. Cellular data and BT on all the time. wifi and gps off almost all the time. Works all right for me.

Btw, I hear there is a new ticwatch coming up. It has ip68 rating, 4g, nfc, google pay and should also have a good battery life due to its dual screen thingie. It is unfortunately running wear OS and has only 4 gig of storage. Nevertheless, if the LTE turns out to be working where I live, it could be the watch I’ve been looking for all these years.
I’m also waiting to see the next generation of dual processor full android watches, they could be very cool too.
For now, we got to stick with what we have


That is a fantastic looking watch. I can’t wait to get mine.

I suspect everyone’s battery performance will vary depending on how you use it and have it set up. Like cell phones. It’s just hard to predict.

Have you disabled screen on gesture ?
Also Google synchronization if you don’t need it.

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Yeah. And if you turn off the watch, I bet the battery will last even longer.


Yes I never use that. I have no problem pressing button to see. Also I basically never need to know the time anyways. Actually no need for a watch… Unless it’s also a android phone :blush:
I do use the always on screen in the evening.
I did notice this morning that I had sync on for all apps. So I turned off sync and disabled a few apps.

Also Uninstaller Google assistant. Just not necessary.

Even with sync off, I still receive notifications for Whatsapp.

I just watched a apple watch 4 lte video… The guy went out for an hour run at 100% with lte and Bluetooth connected and tracking, 48% battery drain.

So, looking pretty good here.

Definitely a balance. I do like that when I have just the watch and no phone, I’ll have a desire to check things like I normally would on my phone, but on the watch it just doesn’t make sense. Ie. Scroll smart news, Instagram, etc… Which, I think is a good thing, sometimes. I just sat and people watched while having a coffee instead of looking at my phone at least 25% of the time.

This is my result for yesterday from 06-21 (it was a long day)
Normal companion usage and ~3h music with a bt headset.
Using Watchdroid latest version.

  • No sim
  • Muted, only vibrate
  • BT on
  • Wifi off
  • GPS off
  • Always time off
  • Wake to rise off
  • Google sync off
  • Pedometer on

So you had it connected to your phone all day?
Why not just use your phone for music?

More interesting, in my opinion, is the battery life while replacing the phone for at least some part of the day.

If it’s connected to the phone that’s on your desk or in your pocket, not sure how that makes any sense.

I do find that normal watches these days are sort of ridiculous. No one checks the time on their watch. It’s only a habit, tradition, social norms. Really no watch is needed these days, unless it’ll replace the phone.
Midweek opinion piece :joy:

Usualy I run with my watch + bt headset only so that’s where I store my music.
Since I work in an office I have to mute my phone and a small vibrating notification on my wrist is enough to check things.
And when I forget my phone at my desk it’s also nice to get these notifications.


i thought i got a bad battery but not because840mAh was charged …

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I am a little confused at what you are saying?
You have two Optimus pros?

Alright. Sounds good. Yea I’m the same. Once you switch to bt headphones and smartwatch for running, can’t go back.

Right on. Sounds like you’ve got a nice little system.

Not,sorry i poor English… the pictures show the battery charge, from empty to full. the battery capacity is ~840mAh.(yet it soon discharge). I’ll make a charge regulator, if it works well I’ll share it with yous.

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Hey, no worries. I understand now. Yes I agree, it seems like an 840mah battery should last quite a lot longer. I really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining… More that I hope to progress as soon as possible. Seems likely that the watch could be more efficient.
I’m sure it’s a matter of such a small market of people buying these watches, which doesn’t exactly equal a large development branch of the company. It’ll take time.
The big companies just won’t work with this concept yet, as 99% of people would think it’s crazy right now. They’ll come around, I’m sure of it.
Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait.
It’s crazy thought… My only Real frustration is battery life. Everything else is very usable.

I have found “app freeze” veeeery useful for battery saving. Freeze apps you are not using. It’s going to save the battery a lot.

This is my results:

  • No sim
  • Muted, only vibrate
  • BT ON
  • Wifi off
  • GPS off
  • Always time ON
  • Wake to rise off
  • Google sync ON
  • Pedometer ON

All the time connected with the phone and controlling the music over Watch Droid Assistant

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