NEW - LEM10 Square model 2019

New LEM10
Android 7.1.1 Square watch with front facing camera.
It is available in 1gb/16gb and 3gb/32gb versions.
4G, Different styles and changeable straps and 700mah battery.
We don’t have this product yet but hopefully we will have some experience with it soon.
Smartwatch Ticks full review here
Here is a $10 discount voucher from Lemfo for us - you need to use a PC browser for it to work.
Here is a QR code for use with the Aliexpress phone APP
There will be a sale on 28th of August where the 1gb/16gb version will be available for $119.99US. Regular price is around $129.99US but depends on options you choose .
Use this link for promotional offers:



JUST KIDDING! It actually looks pretty cool to me!:face_with_monocle:


Wait until you see the LEM T :slight_smile:

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I think that is a prototype of the Lem T :rofl:


And dont worry that the gps isnt intergrated into the fitness . We have a fix for that :+1:


what is that round thing on the right side?

I think it’s a cuff-link.

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how much exactly is the display, 1.54’’ or bigger,the bezel for the camera is ok but the bottom black bezel is big, so its not a full square display,to bad.come on Lemfo you still doing the same thing for the price and quality you can do better you are big company.its like no buying for me. almost the same thing like the LemX,some QC issues and good materials ,dont get me wrong i do like the wacth,but ?
pablo11 did you know something about Zeblaze the Thor6,because after lemfo launch a new watch Zeblaze follow.

I just ordered my lem10 too, it’s the 3/32 gb model! can’t wait!

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I posted it last night… The review I mean.
You didn’t notice that I changed the original post?

The display is 1.88 inch
Well, 1.82 to be precise :slight_smile:
I have updated the post again

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After watching Mr Ticks review you can see that there is nothing new with the Lem10. In some ways it is a step back but I do like the Sim Card location. Similar to the KW18 watch I have. To me the best thing about a Square watch is you do not need to compensate for the page layout via the round/square adjustment. Which is some what of a pain especially when viewing web pages. Curious to see if final production model has any changes. As usual I will wait to see how it all flows before buying one.

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Discount voucher and specifications added to the top post :+1:

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Hope it will be reviewed soon!

Usability is a lot better with a rectangular design. So, as complete replacement for your phone, it’s nice.

The looks? Could be worser…

But, no oled! That’s too bad… And, still ip67. Removable straps? No idea. I also like to know the thickness.

I will be testing mine in around 1-2 weeks . Thanks

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Just I want to know if it’s a fully rectangular screen display line the Apple watch, like the 1.81 screen.if it’s a video I will ordered one

…“It has an independent SIM card, supports China Mobile and China Unicom network.”…
Will this work in the U.S.A.?

You can see the video on YouTube search Lemfo Lem10 4G it’s quiet big I like, but it’s look like it’s not full square display still I little bit of space on the bottom Why Lemfo, make it, like the new apple watch,I am wandering if Zeblaze has something similar, always after Lemfo launch a new watch, Zeblaze follow maybe the Thor 6 or Thor 6 Pro.
I hope for video or pictures from some moderator of this community.

Video does not really show much. The space at the bottom, like a flat tire is usually for the screen connection. Still it is less distracting on a square screen. Don’t know about the apple watch similarity as there have been other non apple square watches early on,like the DZ09. I owned several that did not run on Android OS but were still quite functional. We know on our round watches the problem you have being able to read the whole screen and often have to switch between the square and round mode as a work around. A square screen should eliminate that problem. Anyway Mr. Ticks normally offers the best reviews that are thorough and are presented in an easy to follow sequence. I would say he has the review process down pat as he has done at lot of reviews.