New launcher for android watches

What do you think about this launcher?

Its complete new launcher written from scratch

What Launcher @serinity?

Link deleted. Wait i get it again

We have some technical problems atm. YouTube links are not working.


Should work on this way…

I do not speak Russian. A download link would be necessary to form an opinion.

Few photos for preview


Great work! Looks like a lot of work went into this. Rectangular and Square support in future plans? Clockskin watches supported?

Interesting, any link for details ?

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Its own project. For some features need to be installed to system/priv-app/ Project on Github closed. When it will be more stable i upload apk to public


Support. It no sensivity when user uses square or rect mode. But for this feature need modify framework (or put special flag to manifest)

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Any link with Serenity OS ?

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Cool! Hope to test it soon :slight_smile:

wow! great work :slight_smile: looking forward to test it. If possible please add dark mode in the launcher, will be excellent for amoled screens:)

Dark mode

woah!! Thats amazing…literally can’t wait to test :):sweat_smile:

Tested the early version from But my russian is very bad. If translator needed for Dutch I can help you.
Please check notifications. For example with OsmAnd and a route it doesn’t show. Just like the original com.mediatek.watchapp :wink:

Not like watchapp. Its complete diferent launcher. But logic for navigation is same (i think its most user friendly). I work for translations. (Now support russian and english). New video . (Yes i use free bandicam :D)