My set up with Magisk

LemX and Thor 4 pro, LPTS display full brightness,universal launcher,Bluetooth Watchdroid remove Wiiwatch,hands bright and pedometer on,definitely the Zeblaze the hands bright works better and the display better brightness and i feel better and software and hardware for a cheaper device, definitely Zeblaze is better.
Magisk module: Advance charging control,need set up with terminal emulator,but i leave like that,both device charge pretty ok almost 50 min full.
App Systemizer Terminal emulator, turn app to system app, like universal launcher,greenify,watch droid and others.Busybox for android NDK just binary. FDE.AI ultimate android optimizer. global optimized GPS replaces the default GPS configuration file. GPU turbo Boost increase 75% power but at the same time reduces power consumption by 25%. Magisk hide props config safety net’s CTS profile. microG installer for youtube vanced sign up. Ram Management. Safety Patch. Volume steps plus need terminal emulator for 100% volume system, Greenify and Youtube Vanced.
With those module i got two days of battery life with the config that i said before and the standar configuration for A7 watches, I did install some film screen protector in the back rear case for waterproof purpose even i can put my watch all the way in a faucet with a lot water no problems so far.
I did remove some unusable app, like the browser,Wiiwatch, and watchdroid work the best,but i did try to use all the time on the WIFI,GPS and Bluetooth and i got some disconnection from Watchdroid Bluetooth,but connect right away and occurs went i go to a different places or went into the elevator and i believe the disconnection happens because the WIFI,GPS an BL constlanty searching to get network connection and the device get hot for to be a small device.
Beside, if you want it try is at your risk,but so far no problems.
For good app for Volume is Audio Manager sometimes works and sometimes no, i dont know,but its pretty decent you can set different profiles even by times and days,i just figure out that the call volume it has to be set on the phone for example the call through Bluetooth or network it has to set on the phone went you receive a call, volume for media,system(notification), alarm it has to be on the watch profile.
So far i am happy.