My Kospet Optimus Pro 4G 3gb-32gb has big problem

Hi everyone, new in this forum…and here just learning! My Kospet has very big troubles with the microphone…volume so low no one can hear me almost. I already tried opening the back case and screwed it again, but no results. The battery life only in standalone with Sim card was really poor, connected on blutooth via Watch Droid to my Samsung A6 is doing much better. I have tried many apps to enhance the gain on microphone…but nothing. Any help please?

Some users have reported a full factory reset has resolved the sound issue . Also make sure you are on the latest firmware before you reset . As for the battery you shouldnt have issues . Have you turned off google sync ? Are you leaving apps open running in the background ? Is your wifi and gps permantly on ? There are so many ways to save battery but i need a little more info . Watchdroid is great and shouldnt give you battery problems at all .

as of the firmware it is at the latest version 2.7

Hi Tim, thx for tips. About the battery life, afer i am not using a twin sim card but a different one on the watch, and after i have connected to the phone via Watch Droid the battery is doing much better. The big problem is the microphone…very low volume!!!

No problem . How long have you had the watch . You could open up the back VERY carefully and see if anything blocked but you can ruin warranty if you have one ? I had a similar thing with my Lemfo Lem X . You could return it …

i have it about 2 weeks. i already open the back as i read in the forum, can’t return it . what is strange about it is that at first use, before connect it to the phone, it wasn’t so low…

When i said open the back i meant the whole back cover , not just the sim cover . Thanks

yes i understand and i did it

Then unfortunately this is a hardware issue .

Yes i am afraid so :frowning: That’s why i already orderd a Lemfo Lem T …hope it will be better. Thanks again for the answers.

Please Note that the Latest firmware is V3.0
Link :

Thanks a lot!!! Sorry i am not really an expert in this…my pc is running on Linux, can i install this on my Kospet. And if so, how…please!

I meant…how to extract the file with Linux …sorry

Settings - about watch - wireless update . If there is a update do this then full factory reset . You do not need a pc . Thanks