[MOD][CLOSED BETA][TESTERS NEEDED] Customizable "Always Time" / "Always On Display"

Hey there!

As some of you might know, I’m working on a customizable “Always Time” app, that replaces the stock one.

It’s still on early stages (only been developing it for two days as of 29/09/19), but before putting more work into it I need some testers to test battery life and compatibility with other watches (I’ve only tested it with the Kospet Hope).

Requeriments to apply:

  • A watch with “Always Time” support
  • Magisk Manager installed
  • TWRP installed
  • Patience
  • Time to report back the results

Things I want to know:

  • Battery life compared to stock
  • Any bugs/problems you find when locking/unlocking the screen

Just to make it clear, right now this mod has the exact same watchface as the stock implementation. Only advantage so far is that it refreshes exactly when every minute passes, unlike the stock implementation, that did it after three minutes and wasn’t synchronized with each minute (this means, if you lock the screen at 59 seconds, your display would be 2 minutes behind).

If you think you’re able to help me test it, send me a PM and I’ll send you the instructions :slight_smile:



So far, it’s been tested and working on a Kospet Hope, Kospet Optimus Pro and Makibes M3.

If you have another watch and want to help me test it, send me a PM :slight_smile:



This is a test design I made, with battery percentage and date. So far, consumption is arround 2%/h


Cool. Looks good.
How does the consumption compare to the stock AOD? (the more white the more consumption)
Does it replace stock AOD? Need root?
Screen refresh only once a minute?
Possible to switch between analog/digital?

Consumption is almost the same as stock. A bit more as it refreshes more often.

I wouln’t recommend a faster refresh rate, since it’s an “expensive” operation.
It does replace the stock AOD and it does require root.

So far I haven’t coded in any user-configurable parameter. Everything’s hardcoded in the source.


Thanks. One refresh per minute should be enough.