Makibes M3 and Kospet Optimus firmware

Hi everyone
I have a question
I bought a Makibes m3 watch from AliExpress, I have it for 3 weeks I like the watch but I have a problem with the bracelet mode, I connected with the wiiwatch 2 app and I’m only can see a little message icon but I can’t read the content (for the android mode I can’t use all the functions, just notifications).
The watch is exactly the same that the Kospet optimus, in fact I just checked the info and say: manufacturer: Kospet
However the firmware is different and the security patch is 5th may.
Recently I see that the security patch for Kospet is 23th may.
So… Any one knows if I could install the firmware of the Kospet on my makibes M3?



In the bracelet mode, there is no way to read the content of the notification.

Glad, that wiiwatch 2 works for You :wink:

In bracelet mode nothing works , just time and heart rate if required . Thats is how it is meant to be . Wiiwatch ii will not work in bracelet mode