@Louis_Peek - His INVICTA Subaqua for standard launcher

Adapts Louis’ version to the standard launcher while adding a month indicator…


CREDITS: @Louis_Peek & www.InvictaStores.com/


Yay! Very nice! Thank you!!:grin:

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@doubledad Thanks for making the effort to convert Louis’s fine watch face to standard launcher…much appreciated! :+1::+1: Could I ask @Louis_Peek…Louis, how hard would it be to make the date window “Roundish”? When you look on the watch face, the entire layout is round in nature…gears…circle of days & circle of months…I just think that a roundish (I say that because I don’t know if you can mke that window a complete circle) date window would fit in to the overall face design better…but thats not to take anything away from @doubledad efforts…as I said, much appreciated that I can now use this face on my Kospet. Cheers, Doons

I’ll give it a whirl on the standard launcher if you use it, otherwise it’s in @Louis_Peek territory

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It is square on the real watch, soo… you guys can change it anyway you want. :clown_face:

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@Doonsbury gets his “date holder”… Dropbox link now is circular!


Thanks for that doubledad! :+1: And thanks to you too Louis for letting us make these minor alterations to your great face…Much appreciate guys! :+1: Cheers, Doons

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Actually, I am flattered!:relaxed:

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