Lost Optimus Pro

Just bought a Kospet Optimus Pro and the heart monitor don’t work, when I check the S/N it shows 123456789ABCDEF , is the a counterfeit product?

Just checked mine and it reads the same. I’d say it’s normal.

Does the heart rate sensor light up when you run the built in heart rate app?

Yes it flashes green but it never read, always 0.

I’m no professional but it sounds like you may have a faulty sensor.

You should make sure that the watch is on fairly firmly so that the sensor makes good contact with your skin.

If you open the heart rate app with the watch off your wrist you should see the HRM light go bright briefly and then begin flashing. If you then move the bottom of the watch close to a surface (such as a desk) the HRM light should go bright.

This is the behaviour I see from my Optimus and I am fairly sure the flashing is the watch searching for a surface to read and the bright mode is when it finds one and begins looking for a heart rate. If your watch HRM does not react to a nearby surface it may be defective.

A few users reported this problem until they did the last OTA update . Have you done this ?

Thanks, I may have to send it back because I have other Android watch with HRM and never have issue reading heart rate. Kospet keep displaying heart rate checking and never gives reading.

I have upgrade to the latest software V2.5_20190621 and no changes

Then if you did a full reset after the OTA there is not much you can do but return it . Some users after the update have had it work randomly