Looking for app that can push turn by turn navigation from phone to watch

Hi there. Im min and new to this community. Currently using thor 4 dual.
Im avoiding using google maps on the watch as it drains lots of battery power. Im looking solutions like the ones that ive seen here:

where the app capture and push turn by turn navigation from google maps on the phone to the watch.
Thanks in advaced.

I think watchdroid should be able to do this trick. It can push notification from nearly every app from your phone to your watch.

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I have tried personally what @G1NT0N1C suggested. It works: watchdroid will push turn by turn notification from your Google maps in your phone to your smartwatch.
You will not see turn icons on your watch though, but maybe this feature can be implemented in the near future.

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Good to hear that it works. You might tell @lumaticsoft about the turn Icons.

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Yes, I have it on my to-do list, maybe in the future I can capture and treat Maps notifications in a different way showing directions, arrival time, etc.


Thanks @G1NT0N1C @Gianluca_Borrelli. Im a premium watchdroid user, im sticking to version 8 for getting bluetooth call notification.
Yesterday i tried running google maps on my phone, but not getting any maps notification on my watch. Glad @Gianluca_Borrelli confirms it works.
I will try tweaking my watchdroid till it works.
Thanks guys :wink::+1:

Suggest you run version 9.0 instead of version 8. Version 9.0 was the last update before the app became effected by Google changes and has all the desired features. It may help with your issues.