Little hole on the bottom of Kospet Optimus Pro


I just got my Optimus Pro and noticed a small hole on the bottom, next to the sim door.

Is this normal or should I seal it with something before some sweat gets inside in this summer heat?

@Ogk_The G’day mate. I don’t own a Kospet Optimus pro (Only a Kospet Lite) but I did go on google and managed to get this image of the Back of a Kospet Optimus Pro. I have selected the same area as is in your photographs (Or very close to it) and I can see no sign of any holes as appear on your Kospet. I would regard it a suspect…possibly a case defect? But in any case here is the image of the back of a Kospet Optimus Pro, so have a look at it and see what you think? I’ve no doubt that Optimus Pro owners will have better information that I have, but at least this is something to think about? Cheers, Doons

Every single one of my watches from Kospet, Zeblaze, and now Lokmat have been sensitive to moisture. If this were my watch, I’d put a piece of electrical tape over that hole to be sure it doesn’t offer another place for sweat to enter the watch.


there are no holes on my optimus pro.
your casing must be demaged


No, it’s not damaged.
My Optimus Pro 3gb/32gb watch has the same little hole.
It is not a problem and has a small white seal inside to keep moisture out.
I will find out what it’s purpose is but it’s perfectly OK.


Well, this is interesting.
I just got off a conversation with the designer of the Optimus Pro and apparently the little hole is specifically designed for releasing a little pressure internally.
The high pressure was causing distortion for the speaker.
This little hole and the rubber plug inside the cover relieves this pressure but keeps the rated water proofing intact…
I must admit, I never suspected that this was the reason :grin:


@pablo11 That is interesting…but worrying at the same time…I mean does that mean my Kospet Lite is going to have to see a therapist on account of all the pressure it’s under?! :rofl: Cheers, Doons


Ha ha, your watch definitely needs a therapist… Regardless of pressure :joy::joy:

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Thanks for the information.
It’s strange that some models have this and some doesn’t.

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there is no hole on my optimus pro. I might have gotten a fake kospet :slight_smile:

Be proud, you have a limited edition of the watch ! :grinning:


I am interested to get a Kospet Optimus Pro but not sure how is the speaker volume, is it as good as DM99(currently own 1 set, I have been using it for 1 years, no problem just that the back cover has fine crack line).

I have the same little hole in my Lemfo lem 9. And just as it earlier been said. It is most likely for even out the internal air pressure with the external pressure. This is made manually on most professional diver watches.

Hi there.
I’d do some pictures, but I won’t.
Water damage is clearly visible on them.

Hi there.
I once showered at the hour and completely broken.
Of course the Banggood site says my fault.
But ip67 can dive in the pool.
What can I do?

IP67 rating doesn’t let you dive in a pool dude.
they call it splash proof, life proof or water resistant rating for a reason.
what you can do is read what different IP ratings are meant for next time

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I have a kospet optimus (not pro). Mine don’t have this hole. Not sure if that means anything.

Mine has no hole as well and the speaker is vacuum locked, meaning the sound is low until I open and close the SIM card door.

And the winner is. Yes it was most likely introduced ( the hole ) to allow speaker to be heard loud and clear at efficient volume levels. This of course lowers the IP rating but at least you can hear a phone call. Just hope this does not cause echo if mic too close to speaker :slight_smile:

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@A_Kinsella is correct. :+1::grin:

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