Lemfo LF25 Sim network issue

Hi, I have just bought the lemfo Lf25 smartwatch… Everything went fine till the time I tried inserting my sim card… I am continuously getting the message that cannot connect to the network…try again later… can anyone please suggest a way to fix this problem

I am based in India and using a Vodafone sim card.

Sujit Kumar

Have you checked if the watch supports the gsm frequencies of your provider? You will find these in the operating instructions.

Yes the GSM frequency is supported by the smartwatch

Can you test the SIM with a mobile phone?

Yes… it’s working perfectly fine in the mobile phone

Then please insert the SIM to the watch and turn it of and on again. Make sure that airplane mode is disabled.

Tried that multiple times… Even tried resetting to factory settings… No respite!

Hmm, than it might be a hardware problem. Could you try a SIM card of an other provider?

Ok…will try and check that too… thanks for the help will update if it works!

You are welcome. I hope you make it work. Otherwise you should contact the seller.

This is a known issue.
If you contact lemfo and describe your problem, they will help you.

Basically the problem is that the IMEI of the watch is blocked in India.

They will help you fix it.



Thanks for the info… had read the same info in some other forum… Have already contacted the store

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