Lemfo Lem8 System UI/Laucher

Hi there, could someone answer my questions about Lem8’s software? (I have version 1.5)

  1. Can I edit/modifiy system UI? (Do I need to do it with Android Studio or something like this?)
  2. Besides Eric’s launcher, are there any others watch launchers I can use instead of “MainActivity stock launcher”? (I tried to use standard android launchers like Nova but with bad results)
  3. Or can I at least custom change the navigation of stock launcher’s swipes with some app? (Or at least hide some apps from the round app list?)
  1. It might be possible, but I would advise against wasting your time on trying to do it
brief overview of how you might do it

You’d have to extract the apk from the watch(easy), then you’d have to use some program to turn the apk into source files(might work ok or might not), then you could modify it in android studio(really difficult if you’re not experienced with app development)

  1. Soon there will be this one: New launcher for android watches
  2. I don’t believe you will find any app that can change how to navigate the stock launcher, but it might be some apps that lets you hide apps from the list
  1. I’m actually personalization enthusiast and freak, so it itches me to do it. (ADB, TWRP, editing system’s scripts in root mode doesn’t scare me. Hell, I even managed to fully disable finger sensor on my Xiaomi Redmi phone.) But as you said it, in the end I might just waste time on it.

My first plan was to root the watch, extract stuff and explore it with the help of root browser, apk parser, and twrp+sd card (all avaliable on play store). But then I’ve found download link for the most recent stock rom for Lem8 (Android 7.1, V.1.5). So now i’m thinking about the plan fo rest of the process .

  1. This looks cool! Not as cool I would want it to be, but I’m waiting for the release!
  2. The only ones I’ve found, only support Wear OS or are apps for the standard (phone) android UI. (Which works, but gives bad results.)

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: