LEM4 PRO / DM99 smartwatch GPS problem

Hello guys …! I am unable to get proper GPS location. When i am inside house or under tree i dont even get single salelite signal …! I wanted to know if there was a fix to get better signal and proper correct GPS location.Thanks.

If you have several GPS apps installed, they can interfere with one another and the strength of the received GPS signal.

i dont have any GPS apps installed …but still there is the same problem…

Try a factory reset . Also try -

And update and clear AGPS in app

Let me know ( there is more )


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i already tried GPS Test …didnt work at all…same issue… I dont want to do factory reset as i had already rooted my device…is there any other alternative ? thanks.

And btw …what will happen if i do factory reset to a rooted device ? Do i have to root my device again ? Will my device not be in rooted mode after factory reset ?

Have you tried putting in a sim , connecting to 3g , open google maps . Then trying gps test

On my Kospet Optimus Pro, there is a satellite reception graphic when in developer mode or engineering mode I forget which one it is.

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