Lem X consideration

then after 2 days I make my first evaluations:

battery substantially similar to Lem4, I set the internet connection through bluetooth, yesterday after 16 hours of varied use I still had 45% of battery!
Every once in a while I notice that Hand Right hangs and I have to restart it, the same problem was also with the Lem4pro, in the end they will fix it!
The only thing that does not convince me is the brightness of the display, I put it to the maximum, but it is not as strong as the previous clocks … Does anyone have a way to force the brightness?
Overall I am very satisfied!

Look more in LemX post you will find some information about the brightness, yeah it’s not like before they do something in some OTA update for better battery life in the display brightness even was more readable outside, but it wasn’t really nothing compared like before with original firmware

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In the meantime I have removed the film and now it is a little better (if I am not mistaken, it should have another one). We will see in the next updates!

Get I film screen protector better than the other one 55mm cover the metal bezel too

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