Kw88 how do I size skin to fit screen

Hi, I recently bought a kw88 and have installed Eric’s launcher to launch clockskin , I downloaded faces from round android watches and other sources however when I use them they only fit 3/4 of screen leaving roughly an inch of blackness all the way round, I read so.ewhere to change the DPI but this only seemed to change the size of the selection settings where you turn WiFi on and off etc ,love the faces and would love to be able to use them properly , any guidance much appreciated ,peter.

It’s OK I’ve figured it out , thanks anyway

Jan 4, 2018 18:27:52 GMT 1 peteygotstuck said:
It's OK I've figured it out , thanks anyway

Share you solution please.

Yes please share so we know how to do it if we have to…

I have occasionally seen the small square box come up that gives the option to change skins, chanage the size % etc, but I am not sure how I can find it myself when I want.

It just sometimes seems to appear.

I have a KW99


Bump. Is there a solution for this? Thanks.