Kospet Vision - August 2019 model

New model from our friends at Kospet.
This is the Vision.
Dual camera model about to go on sale in a few days time.
The significant difference between this and similar products is the 800mah battery and nice exterior design. It’s a great quality model for a VERY good price.
We don’t have this product yet but as soon as we get it we will provide some feedback for you.
The actual price should settle at around $140 US so please wait until real price is reflected in any online sales. Sales link from Kospet https://www.banggood.com/Kospet-Vision-1_6inch-3G32G-8_0MP-Front-facing-Dual-Camera-4G-LTE-Video-Call-800mAh-Google-Play-Smart-Watch-Phone-p-1552545.html?tdsourcetag=s_pcqq_aiomsg&ID=513344&cur_warehouse=CN





damn shame the bands can’t be replaced

@fuuz I have to agree with you there mate! Being able to change the strap was the main reason I brought my Kospet Hope. No doubt they have done this so they can have a semi metal case in order to address the cracking problems with synthetic type cases. But in my humble opinion it is a bad move as I think changeable straps are a worthwhile feature on a watch. Be interesting to see the sales figures after a few months…and see if this proves to be a good marketing move. Cheers, Doons


It’s always a trade off.
Replaceable straps are nice but antenna in the strap provides better performance hands down.
So it’s always a bit of “give and take”

I’ll give up better reception and take replaceable straps any day of the week.
I still might pick one as it looks way much better than the new lemfo. We’ll see what Zeblaze comes up with

edit: and what the hell bluetooth version : “BT 4.0 or above” means? are they gonna put BT 4.0 in some watches and “above” in others? if so, what version are those “above” gonna be?

@pablo11 Hi pablo! Now that is interesting mate…I never knew that antennas in straps gave a better performance! But then again, the total tonnage of what I don’t know about smart watches is enough to keep you lot busy answering my questions to the end of your days! :woozy_face::rofl: Cheers, Doons


I’m surprised that you don’t realise that some times our friends don’t translate well - it’s not intentional :slight_smile:
It basically indicates compatibility with BT protocols.


No removable strap? No oled? 17mm of thickness? Really??

I will skip this one for sure… :rofl:

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my bad.
i wish we could get a newer BT on these watches sometimes soon, but
we probably won’t this time either?
4.0 just eats up the battery on muh Optimus Pro.


Yeah, it’s a limitation of the Android 7.1 system that MTK uses on the watches.
But, we are working with the solution provider on getting a more up to date version of Android to work on our watches.
It will be a little while before it arrives on the watches though.
But I will keep you updated about the progress :+1:


Helpful feedback.

Is that sarcastic? If not, you’re welcome…

Otherwise; I just give you my opinion on this one…

I like the whole full android smartwatch idea, but I see currently no improvements in the right direction.

The things I like to my optimus Pro are the oled screen (I think it’s too small, but I like the quality of the screen) and the fact that it has a replacable straps.

The range of the wireless antennas are pretty good, so I don’t understand why they have to be in the straps…

The thing I don’t like; the thickness. I would like to see a full android smartwatch with a thickness of around 12mm.

So, I think this watch is a step in the wrong direction and I see no any improvements on this watch at all. So, why release a new watch if its not better in any way? It makes no sense to me…

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Looking into the specs of Vision made me think of Apple’s one-step-at-a-time approach of doing things–slap one single new thing onto a next model and call it a day, optionally cutting off features people enjoyed about the past versions (referring to removable straps now) and ignore the modern ones that could have made the model revolutionary.

Apart from the frontal camera, what was upgraded in Vision compared to Hope or Optimus? Can it now highlight the direction in Maps? Does it come with latest Android? Bluetooth 5? More ROM/RAM? Better processor? Bigger battery? IP68? Dual sim? Perhaps 5G? Doesn’t look so. But it now has this odd-looking bezel with arbitrarily placed white dots, lower resolution and a 2-inch bigger screen, which is a wrong move given that it is a watch after all, and it shouldn’t try to out-widen the wrist it sits on; the proportions of the previous two were perfect at 1.39, and if you want to improve on that, how about shrinking the bezel instead?

Granted, as far as dual-cam watches go, Vision is probably the superior model on the market right now, but all in all it seems rushed out while there are still software issues with the former models that need to be addressed (such as overheating on latest Kospet firmware, dodgy GPS, malfunctioning music widget and an overall cheap feel of the OS). I can only hope the funds brought from sales of Vision will allow Kospet to bring more candies into the basket of the next model.


If they only put a newer and less power hungry BT in the old Optimus I’d buy it right away. There is not much point having 32GBs for your audios when you can only listen to them for a very limited time thanks to the BT 4.0.
IP68 would also be nice.
I wish they dropped cameras or at least the one on the side. front camera could come handy, the side camera is completely useless to me.
Removable straps is a must.
Better software optimization.

These are my wishes.

Have a great day everyone


I am assuming by your optimism you wont be buying the kospet vision . No one has said this is a upgrade from the previous kospet watches . This is a totally different watch . Style , build , screen size , extra camera etc . And at a good price . Like with all of these offerings some will like and some will not .


You can buy this now for $150 on ebay. Just google Janus smartwatch. It has been out for a couple of months. Either Kospet copied it, or the guy sold them the design.

As far as I can see, there are several differences between the Janus and the Vision. For example, the Janus has a flat square-looking side camera whilst the Vision has a round camera bump, and the Vision has some screws(probably fake) on the front, which the Janus doesn’t have.

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You need to understand that the Janus watch is just using the same motherboard as a few other brands.
This is how it works you see?
The solution provider makes the board and brands can order it and use it in the body, strap combination that suits.
The board is the one thing these models have in common.

So no one copied anything.
It’s a matter of ordering this board and using it in whatever body design chosen. The firmware is changed very slightly for each brand. Colours and logo, for example.

I remember when the guy who is behind the Janus watch ordered his because I saw the order come in and the firmware being tested.

One of the differences with the Kospet Vision is the 800mah battery.
Apart from the different body and cosmetics.

There are other choices available to the brands as well.
Like single or dual cameras and ram and storage size etc…

The Kospet Vision is around $140 compared to the $150 Janus.

They are all pretty good, reliable watches.


I dont understand The LPTS screen display is as good as the Amoled, i own both and let me tell you the LPTS much better even for outdoors