Kospet Optimus Pro (So much better than expected)

For the last 4 weeks while anticipating the arrival of this smartwatch, I spent probably too much time watching YouTube videos and reading every forum entry I could find. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of only carrying a watch for years and it truly seems like we are there.

I am a little confused at how little these watches are reported on though. The Optimus pro is so much better than any review that I have read or watched. Also, zero big name reviewers seem to want to talk about them?? They review all the Wear Os devices (which are rather lame) but none of these. Come on mainstream, get with the program… You will eventually, you always do.

It’s absolutely crazy to me that the big companies are focusing on wear os instead of this full custom Android OS. I had a few Waer OS devices and they’re a sad state of affairs to say the least.

The Optimus Pro looks so much better in person than in photos, build quality seems surprisingly great and it’s much lighter than expected(much).

Music, podcast, Whatsapp, messenger, Google voice, Strava all work the same as on a phone, just smaller screen.

Obviously the only issue I have is that I would like the battery to last forever. So that’s not really realistic :wink: I’m sure it’ll keep improving.

I’m on the latest OTA firmware. Decided not to install the one posted by Pablo. Would love to, seems risky.

So, yea, I’m stoked. Like a dream coming true haha
I also have a dream to make a in depth video review of battery life, apps and usage… We’ll see if that happens.!


Great post . Would you believe a lot of people out there dont even know these type of watches exist ?? And yes a lot of reviewers only review big known brands only . I know everytime i show friends , clients etc my new watches they are amazed that they exist yet they are so much fun . I have converted many to these watches :grin::grin: . What sometimes doesnt help is these watches are usually working progress so not always perfect ( but they are considerably cheaper ) . Thats why this forum exists so we can all help each other and have fun at the same time . I always watch our good friends reviews @SmartWatch_Ticks . He has reviewed these watches for years and is a great guy . Enjoy your new watch


I disagree.

There’s so many problems popping up with this watch ending up with people having to return it, and I, am one of those. Some people have overheating issues, the plastic casing breaking at the strap and the backplate breaking, faulty microphone, crappy audio up until they sent out the second batch with a little crappy drill hole on the back (they sold people (guinea pigs) the version without the hole, caused audio issues) etc etc

The microphone is faulty af on my Pro, crappy QC. I want my money back and want nothing to do with this low quality watch, should of paid 50 bucks for it.

Cant say I will ever buy a Kospet product again after this


Dear all, What makes the battery empty in 5-6 hours? (in power off mode)… How to store??

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Thanks Tim.
Yea I hear you. Same thing happened with mp3 players, smartphones and tablets. Always takes the general public years to catch up. A friend sent me a 2500usd Garmin smartwatch review yesterday and it is nice but I would much rather have the Optimus pro. I think he will too once he gives it a try.

No doubt. Definitely fun. A logical, practical companion to my phone as well. I love being able to go out for a hike, walk, run, without my phone and still be connected without seeming to be so.

I’m all for the WIP! I only wish I could help some how. I was even looking at flights to Shenzen to go to the source and see behind the scenes. I live mostly in India, so it’s not too far.

OH yes I have seen all of Ticks videos. Multiple times actually. Watching these videos is like watching Seinfeld, relaxing :wink:


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Sounds like another issue, I’d return the fecker if I was you… its seriously a low quality item barely worth 50 bucks

@crookedmouth @Frenkyboy
The problem of these watches is very clear in this article and the comments: There are many satisfied users who have no problems with this watch (I am one of them). These users usually behave quietly. That’s why this post made me very happy.
But there are also a few who have problems or fight with defects. In these cases, I admit, customer service does not always conform to European standards.
But even if there are 100 glad users and one is dissatisfied-
unfortunately, this one is always the one who shouts loudest …


Well said :+1: Onwards and upwards eh :grin:

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If you pay for something that is 150 bucks or whatever, you shouldnt expect to fight with buggy software or defects, thats just ridiculous and thats the reason I will not buy a phone, smart watch or anything like that from China again… Vape gear is an exception, because the vast majority of manufactures actually have their sh*t together


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That’s what I’m talking about. You are loud…


No doubt about it. When dealing with something like this, cutting edge and on the edge of acceptance, it’s amazing to see it this good. I’m so glad these devices are 150usd but I’d probably pay more. Apple watch is 400 and can’t do half of what this can. I’ve manufactured a product before and I’ll tell you it’s not easy at all. And mine was very simple.
I’m very impressed with this.
Of course there will be some quality issues on far sides of the bell curve.

Also easy to feel empathy for the people who are having a bad experience. Before I got mine I was hoping I wouldn’t get a “lemon”. I guess I got lucky so far.

Of course, yes, it would be nice to have Kospet give a little more support, at least for clear manufacturing defects. Seems pretty obvious that these devices are not too expensive to make, so there should be some money left over for replacements when needed.

All the best


can’t expect much more for 150$.
If they made them a little bit better I’d pay even more

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I have been using Kospet Optimus(2GB RAM/16GB ROM) version for 2 weeks. It is good battery and no problem for me yet. I found that the clip on magnetic charger has a pin that is not raising up though(small problem still can work). From engineering point of view, Optimus is a very complex full android device. This Kospet Chinese manufacturer can pack so much in a 85g watch is really marvellous and is not expensive. Big brands are not investing in full android watch, so no way to get a such a full feature watch.

If you are a consumer user, then if you meet with problem and keep scolding the kospet and the product, it is not helping much. Just return the watch and stay away from such china products. I am not a Kospet staff! I have used 2 smart watch before. I was not very satified with DM368(battery life too short), DM99(all ok, a bit slow CPU and rectangular size, small crack at the back). With such low cost watches, it is a kind of try and test out. 3 watches add up can’t even buy a Apple Watch. I am an engineer by practise, so I can appreciate the effort from this chinese manafacturer.

If meet with problem, please list then out properly, so others can see your posting and able to understand the problem you are experiencing. You initial posting meant to warn others with good intention? Or is to vent your frustration?

I agree that there are more happy users(that keep quiet and using it as a daily watch/smartphone) than unsatisified users.


I hope my experience is similar to that of the OP.

I respect these Chinese OEMs that are out here doing creative stuff. They’re trying things the big boys don’t want to try. There’s some risk to it for sure. And they don’t have the quality control that the big boys have and that we’d all like to see. You just have to know that going into the game.

I’ve ordered Chinese laptops online before. And I’ll say this–they started out bad and have gotten better. They’re still plagued by QC problems and cheap build quality. But they’re better. And they’re cheap.

I had lunch this week with a colleague in the tech industry. He hadn’t even HEARD of full android watches. We’re pioneers, folks. Embrace it.


Despite these watches, including the Optimus Pro, are lacking from an equivalent Western standard of service, delivery and quality control, most of us on this forum have “accepted” these Chinese technology on the grace to make a step forward. With every new step, in contrast to the current stopped developments on Wear OS, it is just a matter of trying, modifying and retrying to go forward.

That said, I have my Optimus Pro for about 2 months now. Luckily without all the major issues that I have read in this forum, which (and I completely understand it) makes it hard to accept the problems when you have to face them. I have been on this part of the court-field too many times also. Using not-yet-mainstream-accepted technology and/or standards will always come along with hurdles. I fully accepted that from the start.

For the moment, I am happy with my version of the Optimus Pro. Batteries, of course can be much better, but with 1-2 days of power, for me quite acceptable. You need to like the bright colorful battery low-powered watch face to go along for at least a week or more, which I personally do not like. I try to avoid WiFi and 4G (just put it down to 3G for phone calls) as much as possible, because I know that it will drain my battery. Round focused user interface/interactions is still open for improvements, but hey… that comes with the standard Android OS. The biggest battery drain is however the choice on the face. I have run plenty of them and especially among the watchmaker faces are quite some battery drainers (especially when they show you the heartbeat, the steps, etc.).

In short, indeed there is still a long road ahead of improvements, but that is also part of the fun. :slight_smile: Nevertheless, you can find quite some (in-depth, including firmware updates) help on this forum and of course tell us about your misery, so we all can learn, try to solve and continuously to improve…


My Optimus Pro made me a sammich the other day. (A little known feature)


Thx.for reply. maybe storage solution : charge watch 80% (Android mode) - Menu > long standby (setting : always time:off) > stow… after 8 hour -2% battery!!! :slight_smile:

I got the watch for about 2 weeks now. I got a SIM card in to use 4G LTE data but the watch consistently overheats and shuts down running apps. This happens when running YouTube for about 12 minutes or when playing offline Wordscape game for about 4 minutes and today when using the Google Translate app.

Is there a workaround to this?

Also, the heartbeat monitor never worked even after a reset and firmware update.

As for the audio issue, I’m one of those guinea pigs. I will be WAY more cautious before I buy another android watch. Direct from China anyway.

It seems to be better to use WLAN (WIFI) for heavy internet usage.