Kospet Optimus Pro - Screen on Time

I’m curious about the efficiency of this watch or any of these watches.

MI Max 3 = 5500mah and can do easy 12 hours of screen on time with 4G on, and doing anything you want. With 48 hours total time between full charge.

Optimus pro = 800mah. Yesterday I got 35 minutes of screen on time over 10 hours between full charge.

If you take 5500/800=6.875
Then 12 hours / 6.875 = 1.745 which should approximate how much screen on time the Optimus pro could get.

Seems like even 1 hour of screen on time would be fair.
The only other thing I did was listen to music over BT for about an hour. And use whatsapp for a couple messages. 3g was on for about 20 minutes.

Anyways, I’m not an engineer or good at math (at all)… So am I crazy to think, the watch is simply inefficient? Software/hardware combo?

“Google” is the Google podcast app. Not streaming.

I use a thor 4 duel .
Universal launcher
Screen on permanent
Bluetooth on permanent
Wifi , gps off
No sim
Pedometer off
Google sync off

Connected to phone via bluetooth ( watchdroid )
11 hours

roll back to firmware version 2.5. , you’ll get a better battery life.
I once played youtube continuously for almost 3 hours

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