Kospet Optimus Pro / Lite and Thor 5 FW (discussion, tips)

Thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for this to minimize confusion and OT discussion in other threads. Here we can discuss bugs, improvements, tips and so on.

Quoting some info from user theStrix (thanks!)

So basically original Kospet stock core but with Thor 5 system.

Firmware links

Kospet Optimus Pro / Lite (download links in first post)

Thor 5 (thanks to noidremained)

Just so that everyone knows - we have been testing the Thor 5 system image and so has the solution provider.
We are hoping to see what (if anything) is behaving differently between the two

Also I need to say that the wakelock behavior reported previously is NOT from within the system image.
It may be a kernel module causing it.

I am busy looking at the Thor 5 boot image as well.


I have flashed it now ! Thor .img file over kospet firmware v. 2.6.
Now I start testing…

How’s it working out, is there any improvement?